Hot Box Podcast 215: Acting Sus


Mat and Grand back for a fresh episode of the Hot Box podcast. The official podcast of the r/dabs subreddit and discord. On the episode today we chat about some fun posts out of r/dabs, some marijuana news including prop 207 in Arizona, the antibiotic properties of CBG, Colorado expunging weed convictions, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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Hot Box Podcast 213: Derailed


rdabs subreddit

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Joining Mat and Grand for episode 213 is M00fins from the 4 Twenty Gaming Discord. They’ve got a channel in the r/Dabs Discord now so come check it out! After chatting with M00fins a bit we talk about some r/Dabs reddit posts then get into some weed news. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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Hot Box Podcast 207: Murphy Murri!


Murphy Murri

Happy 710 and welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. On the show today we’re talking to cannabis extraction specialist Murphy Murri about all things extraction and refinement related. Hit the link below for the show notes and thanks for checking out the podcast.

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HBP 189: The Pot Scientist Returneth



It’s time for another marijuana podcast. Cannabis podcast? What are people calling it these days? We call it the Hot Box. Today on the show I have the Pot Scientist back to chat about what’s going on in cannabis science. Are you making your own medicine? Then you are doing science. Well, you are as long as you keep track of stuff and write things down. Technology these days makes all of this so much easier. Sit back, blaze one if your state allows it, and enjoy this conversation with the mustached genius from Ask the Pot Scientist!

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HBP 183: Max Montrose and the Trichome Institute



Welcome! Mat Lee here happy to say the Hot Box marijuana podcast is back in full swing. Today I got to talk with president and founder of the Trichome Institute, Max Montrose. Join us as we chat all about the finer points of cannabis science. I mean for real, do you even know what a sommelier is? You will after listening to this.

What’s bullshit? What’s factual science? Who are the people behind said factual science? Does sativa exist in the way we all think it does? What do you even know about Interpening? What might the future have in store for cannabis science? There’s so many questions it’s hard to fit them all in the time we had. But know this. The future is looking pretty damn bright. Thanks to Max for the exceptionally interesting discussion. Thanks for listening!

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HBP 171: Cannabis Health Summit



Welcome back to a new year and the first episode of 2016 of everyone’s favorite marijuana podcast! Lot’s of stuff happening, so let’s just get right to the important things. Mat Lee and Gooey Rabinski here to chat about some cannabis news and what was going on with the Cannabis Health Summit.

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