Hot Box Podcast 215: Acting Sus


Mat and Grand back for a fresh episode of the Hot Box podcast. The official podcast of the r/dabs subreddit and discord. On the episode today we chat about some fun posts out of r/dabs, some marijuana news including prop 207 in Arizona, the antibiotic properties of CBG, Colorado expunging weed convictions, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes.

There was another movie night, and it seems we have a mystery to get to the bottom of.

Rocket League has been popping off in the r/dabs discord. Come join us and play!

Grand is going to take a 5 gram dab, sponsored by SPOG! Stay tuned to the discord.

From r/dabs

Do you ever browse reddit sorted by new? It’s really weird. The first post was someone looking for dabs, acting pretty damn sus.

u/ChonicGreenDabr420 has a question about thick or thin bangers. Let’s discuss.

u/Jar_of_Peanuts is curious if they are a crackhead yet?

u/angelb0ng posted diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How we feel about diamonds?

u/Kyrim2 wants to know the difference between wax, resin, shatter, sugar, and terp…

In the News

Marijuana an antibiotic? Hidden cannabis compound CBG may be able to fight infections.

Cannabis product testing lab in Oregon forced to halt operations.

The High County judge’s ruling that police can’t search car based on the smell of marijuana overturned by Pa. Superior Court.

Colorado governor pardons 2,700 offenders with marijuana-related convictions.

Prop 207 to Legalize Marijuana in Arizona Ahead 57% to 38% in Statewide Survey.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.