Hot Box Podcast 213: Derailed


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Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Joining Mat and Grand for episode 213 is M00fins from the 4 Twenty Gaming Discord. They’ve got a channel in the r/Dabs Discord now so come check it out! After chatting with M00fins a bit we talk about some r/Dabs reddit posts then get into some weed news. Hit the link below for the show notes.

m00fins 4 twenty gaming

Let’s welcome M00fins to the r/Dabs discord!

We’re having another giveaway! For more information check out the #Announcements channel in the Discord.

Check out M00fins game on Steam. It’s called Lockdown.

Posted by u/wisdomsson in r/Dabs, they say “finally got around to buying a dock to organize my shit. Setup is looking clean.”

Question from u/LawAndBleezers “New piece – Swiss donut perc: how to fill? Is the water supposed to go into the downstem?

Question from u/Gurb-iN-hEr-BoX says they could use some help.

u/hot-banger is being savage giving his boy his first dab with no water in the rig. Then a shot.

u/stokedtourist from Grand’s neck of the woods wants to know some opinions on these dabs. It’s always hard to say whether dabs are real or fake simply by a picture.

u/robbins0172 posted some BEAUTIFUL Blue cookies flower / .5 of motor breath and 1g of birthday cake.

u/Dabbylonglegs31 got their first heady rig!

u/mmcca513 hitting a terpslurp the right way here.

M00fins regales us with his first dab story.

Dear Abby: Smoking marijuana made me mean to my husband and kids.

Three arrested after video of 3-year-old smoking marijuana goes viral.

Does marijuana use still affect driving performance while sober?

Denver Marijuana Health Inspections, Mold Report Delayed by COVID-19.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.