About Us


The main focus of The Hot Box is to help spread well informed and factual information about cannabis. Some might have you believe that this plant is an unhealthy blight on society. It’s quite the contrary, and areas that have cannabis as part of their culture have been shown to have fewer suicides, and less drug addicted zombies running around stealing the change out of unlocked vehicles. This madness needs to end, and it needs to end sooner rather than later. The drug war has done nothing but further corruption and greed in our government, at the cost of human life. The drug war is killing innocent people, putting good people behind bars, and destroying this planet.

For what? All corporate greedy conspiracy theories aside… For a plant that has been called one of the safest substances known to humanity. For a plant that has brought an infinite amount of comfort to the suffering of millions. For a plant that makes life far more tolerable. A plant that makes Mat Lee, one of the most zen like creatures on this planet. His tolerance for nonsense and awkward staring knows no bounds when he’s been smoking. Of course it’s not just about the plant, it goes deeper than that, but this is a weed show, so, you know.


The Hot Box is hosted by Mat Lee. In each episode you can expect to find interesting interviews with people in the cannabis industry, truthful commentary on cannabis news that matters, and other fun marijuana related things.


Cannabis needs to be removed from the drug schedule completely. Once that happens, we’ll go from there. Until that happens, nothing will change. As long as states can fall back on the federal law argument, they will always have an excuse to invoke moratoriums and hassle people because they smell like cannabis.

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