Hot Box Podcast 211: Dabbing the Darkness



rdabs subreddit

Mat and Grand back with you for episode 211 of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. On today’s episode we chat about the week’s interesting subreddit posts from r/dabs, the USDA hemp issue, THC levels, Belushi weed, the MORE act, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the weed show! Make sure to join us throughout the week on the r/Dabs Discord server. Hit the link below for the show notes!

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Hot Box Podcast 209: Get a Room


r/dabs Discord

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. This one is 209 and we’ve got another great show for you. We’re doing another giveaway for everyone in the r/Dabs Discord. Definitely hit the link and come join us throughout the week for more dabs related discussion. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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HBP 197: Bangers and Nails


carb caps

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Join Mat and Grand on this journey through the dab culture. Don’t forget to join us in the r/Dabs Discord chat throughout the week, and make sure to check out the r/Dabs subreddit. Hit the link below for some show notes. Don’t forget we’re extending the Chappell Glass giveaway one more week, so make sure you get those entries in!

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HBP 189: The Pot Scientist Returneth



It’s time for another marijuana podcast. Cannabis podcast? What are people calling it these days? We call it the Hot Box. Today on the show I have the Pot Scientist back to chat about what’s going on in cannabis science. Are you making your own medicine? Then you are doing science. Well, you are as long as you keep track of stuff and write things down. Technology these days makes all of this so much easier. Sit back, blaze one if your state allows it, and enjoy this conversation with the mustached genius from Ask the Pot Scientist!

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HBP 138: I O U


“Statistically speaking, one out of five dudes is just going to be a raging d bag.”

Hello, welcome, and happy 420 to all our cannabis loving friends. This is episode 138 of the Hot Box, our more or less monthly marijuana talk show. This is a very exciting time as far as drug policy reform goes, and we are glad to be here sifting through all the bullshit so we can discuss the truly important ideas. Some of these stories aren’t so happy, but that’s how it goes when marijuana is in the news and people have not so hidden agendas. Join us as we analyze cannabis news and tell you what you need to know.

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HBP 137: Broken Promise Land


“Even if it means nothing, it means something.”

Here’s another fresh episode of our marijuana podcast, The Hot Box. On this episode we talk about getting rid of the federal ban on marijuana, Randy Simmons the new pot guy in Washington, Nevada getting a measure going to legalize, the Massachusetts state Attorney General going against bans, the UN putting in their two cents, marijuana vs Oxycontin for pain, and more hemp discussion. All this and more on episode 137 of the Hot Box.

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