Hot Box Podcast 217: Mandala Moment


r/dabs subreddit

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box weed podcast. Mat, Grand, and Vintr back with you streaming live from the r/dabs discord every Saturday at 1pm pacific time. Join us! For episode 217 we chat about Grand’s 5 gram dab, carb caps, terp screws, UV Glass, some marijuana news, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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Hot Box podcast 216: Sweaty Finish


rdabs subreddit

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. Mat and Grand back with you for episode 216. Remember, you can always catch the live shows streaming from the r/dabs Discord Saturdays at 1pm Pacific time. On today’s episode we chat about flying with cannabis, dabs that smell like assholes, Maine and Vermont getting their weed on, and so much more! Hit the link below for the show notes.

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HBP 199: Oklahoma Salmonella Kush


r/dabs Discord

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Mat and Grandengin get together through the magic of Discord to bring you another dab filled show. Don’t forget to come participate in the Discord chat for the r/Dabs subreddit. Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for checking out the show.

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HBP 167: Self Curing


Thanks for checking out our little weed show here. I’m Mat, and I steer this bus. For episode 167 I’m joined once again by Professor Progressor, and Gooey Rabinski. On tonight’s episode of the Hot Box we talk about the new proposed rule changes for Washington cannabis, Croatia making the leap into medical marijuana, California getting some new medical marijuana regulations, Oregon selling tons of recreational cannabis, and of course so much more. Also make sure to stick around until the end of the audio podcast for a sneak peak of a new track I’ve been working on. It’s the good shit. Thanks for listening!

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