Hot Box Podcast 213: Derailed


rdabs subreddit

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Joining Mat and Grand for episode 213 is M00fins from the 4 Twenty Gaming Discord. They’ve got a channel in the r/Dabs Discord now so come check it out! After chatting with M00fins a bit we talk about some r/Dabs reddit posts then get into some weed news. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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HBP 144: Forensic Botanist


“Everyone that wants to, is.”

Welcome back to another fun filled educational episode of our weekly cannabis podcast, the Hot Box. Mat Lee here with Ian Baker bringing you interesting discussion on the latest marijuana news and medical research in the wide world of weed. On tonight’s episode we talk about the raids in Colorado, federal propaganda, driving while smoking, moldy weed and other herbal contaminants, the Grasshopper Vape, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show, and in the future, we’ll try to have these out in a more timely fashion. Join us on the Google+ community throughout the week and make sure to subscribe to the show and give us a review.

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