Ep 6: Drug Test


“Those bro’s don’t wanna be tased, and you tased them.”

Safe Community Safe Kids tried (kinda) to repeal Initiative 148, although if you had the opportunity to speak to any of them you would have been told they were just trying to “fix” it.  They ran out of time to collect signatures and while there are stories of proud upstanding citizens braving adverse weather conditions to fight the good fight they are failing to get the numbers needed to shut it all down.  We talked about the posts on the last episode and how laughable they are, all that time you wasted doing that, you could have been enjoying time with your loved ones and raising the children you are so concerned about.  Rather than educate yourselves, find out what exactly your fears are based on it’s easier to hide behind the statement that you’re doing it for the children and just ban it.  It doesn’t matter to a single one of them that there are so many people dieing from cancer and suffering.  They apparently believe this one person easing their pain is dangerous to a small child the so called “pothead” has absolutely no contact with.  Maybe you should BE A PARENT, teach your child YOUR beliefs and YOUR rules, but I guess when you’re scared, like I said before, it’s easier to just ban it.  Sorry to get all deep and serious here but these people remind me of dear old Mr. A-Hole (Anslinger if you missed that one), base laws for all on fears and narrow mindedness.

Anyways, they are still counting signatures and have just over 2,000 as of now which is a far cry from the 25,000 needed, and they will be done by mid July from what I hear.  There are still attempts being made to remove Initiative 148 and I am asking everyone in Montana please email mmcomment@mt.gov  and make a statement about how medical marijuana does need regulation but don’t take it away (if that is what you believe of course).  All that serious nonsense aside light em up and let’s get on with the show!

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Ep 5: Protested


“Do you think there’s pot here? Oh shoot, I have to go.”

We are five whole shows old now, that’s one whole hand worth of fingers!  It’s been a week since the last time we smoked out but both Mat and I have been busy handling those pesky petitioners trying to repeal Initiative 148 (who didn’t get the signatures they needed by a long shot from my understanding).  Mat actually had the opportunity to “interview” one of them with his phone while they stood outside with a child trying to collect signatures.  I had the amazing opportunity to have either the ballsiest or dumbest one in the world actually walk into my clinic… Yes, my MEDICAL MARIJUANA clinic, to ask for signatures.  Then after being told to leave let me know she thought my place smelled bad. Way to be a grown up about this, two thumbs up.  At least we’re not fighting against smart people, it might make things more difficult. Now, on with the show!

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Ep 4: Cease and Desist


“Leave weed alone just for a quick hot minute and go deal with that oil spill real quick.”

Welcome to big old show number four, we’re getting up there. It is June and even though we live in Montana it is the time to maybe try a couple outdoor plants.  Just make sure she’s in a safe place away from the street (seriously even if your legal don’t grow in your front yard right now, thanks) and protected from deer or other outdoor vermon that may attempt to tear her apart.  I really recommend a greenhouse which can be as easy as plastic stapled to wood depending on your budget.  And trust me, there is nothing sweeter then smoking your own weed. Now on with the show!

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Ep 3: Feed the Paranoia


“The main thing we should protect our kids from is ignorance.”

Today was an election day so I hope people made an effort to get out and try to help make better laws happen.  If you’re ever curious about politicians in your state check with norml.org and look for your state voters guide. (Mat in. I tried to find it on the NORML website, but failed miserably. I did find this voter guide by Vote Hemp however, so I hope it’s useful. Mat out.) They are full of helpful information you care about. Now, it’s time for the show.

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Ep 2: Super Evil


“This one guy, he affected how everybody is seeing it now, which is really sad.”

We’re back! Not that there was any cause for concern, but everyday that I’m still in business is a good day, and I’m thankful I can still help all my patients. The only little thing that may need to be nipped in the bud quick is certain people thinking that because I have a heart and marijuana leaf on my shirt I will just sell to you… Do you ask a pharmacist for lortab if you see him in his white jacket outside the pharmacy? I am trying to run a business here people! Also, why must you cause accident after accident in the store if you see my work shirt? Display cases, other carts, and other people’s feet are un-necessary casualties of your surprise. I have a pot leaf on my shirt with my name on it. What is this world coming to?

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Ep 1: Substandard Care


“That’s not how adults treat each other, come on.”

This is my first time, please be gentle and kind, oh and please ignore my weird sounding voice today, I’m a little nervous. All that aside, WELCOME TO THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE HOT BOX PODCAST!!! Who’s ready to smoke some pot and try to make sense of this crazy place we call home? I have been trying to do that most of my life and I’m sure Mat is in the same boat, so basically we’re dragging you along and giving you the front row seat to the Ganja gallery.  If you have an idea, question or even opinion of your own, email us at info@thehotboxpodcast.com, (or if you know someone cool that’ll talk to us about their specialty, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Did I mention to be here every Tuesday around 7pm PT. / 10pm ET. to join the party. You know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it!  So, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em cause it’s show time.

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