Ep 5: Protested


“Do you think there’s pot here? Oh shoot, I have to go.”

We are five whole shows old now, that’s one whole hand worth of fingers!  It’s been a week since the last time we smoked out but both Mat and I have been busy handling those pesky petitioners trying to repeal Initiative 148 (who didn’t get the signatures they needed by a long shot from my understanding).  Mat actually had the opportunity to “interview” one of them with his phone while they stood outside with a child trying to collect signatures.  I had the amazing opportunity to have either the ballsiest or dumbest one in the world actually walk into my clinic… Yes, my MEDICAL MARIJUANA clinic, to ask for signatures.  Then after being told to leave let me know she thought my place smelled bad. Way to be a grown up about this, two thumbs up.  At least we’re not fighting against smart people, it might make things more difficult. Now, on with the show!

  • As we’ve said before K2 is STUPID!!  Why people why?
  • Montana Caregivers Network attempted to become Michigan Caregivers Network with an epic fail.  When you have to cancel a convention about pot because of bomb threats, you’re not wanted Jason.  Also, note to self, this is all that was needed to get Jason to stop!!
  • Also in Jason news, people who worked for him say he is a liar and a possible felon.  Yes Jason, forging a doctors signature even for something like marijuana is wrong and illegal, that’s not even a gray area, but it’s just another nail I suppose.  🙂
  • And finally, to prove you can get in trouble even if you smoke while you have no responsibilities, Randy LaJoie, a Nascar pit tech, is suspended for testing positive.  I wouldn’t quite put him up there with Michael Phelps but I guess a face is a face for marijuana. Even in Nascar (personally I think it helps watch the cars go round and round).

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