Ep 2: Super Evil


“This one guy, he affected how everybody is seeing it now, which is really sad.”

We’re back! Not that there was any cause for concern, but everyday that I’m still in business is a good day, and I’m thankful I can still help all my patients. The only little thing that may need to be nipped in the bud quick is certain people thinking that because I have a heart and marijuana leaf on my shirt I will just sell to you… Do you ask a pharmacist for lortab if you see him in his white jacket outside the pharmacy? I am trying to run a business here people! Also, why must you cause accident after accident in the store if you see my work shirt? Display cases, other carts, and other people’s feet are un-necessary casualties of your surprise. I have a pot leaf on my shirt with my name on it. What is this world coming to?

  • Do you know your enemy? Or even the man responsible for making pot so evil in the first place? Well, allow me to introduce Mr. Henry J A-Hole (Anslinger on his birth certificate). The racist perversions he based the war on drugs on is absurd and makes it hard to see how anyone listened to him. If he were on a street corner he would probably get locked up but he “knew” the right people and outlawed a plant. Wow.
  • The media cherry picks, we all know that right? They are fueled by a larger entity that tells you what they want you to think via scare tactics. Just about all the news about marijuana is negative so that you see it as evil. If all the stories were about how it was helping people there would be a bigger push to legalize. It sucks that no one thinks for themselves anymore, if they ever have.
  • Barb Trego is a patient who came out to discuss how marijuana helps her, and it doesn’t involve murder or heroin. She actually GOT a job after she started smoking pot. It takes some guts to openly discuss your use of medicine even though it’s legal for you so I’d like to say thanks Barb for setting a good example.
  • How is this so out of control? Montana is re-fighting medical marijuana right now and it seems so absurd, but our Hanal-Fisher knows what’s right!!  Maybe someone should try and regulate something, or even open up a city or state run clinic and reap some rewards to help everyone benefit. But hey, we’re not government officials or anything.
  • We tried to watch our language and did a REALLY good job if you’ve ever heard us speak otherwise (I stand by my statement that number two was the shit)!
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