Ep 3: Feed the Paranoia


“The main thing we should protect our kids from is ignorance.”

Today was an election day so I hope people made an effort to get out and try to help make better laws happen.  If you’re ever curious about politicians in your state check with norml.org and look for your state voters guide. (Mat in. I tried to find it on the NORML website, but failed miserably. I did find this voter guide by Vote Hemp however, so I hope it’s useful. Mat out.) They are full of helpful information you care about. Now, it’s time for the show.

  • A quick little update on Marc Emery, he’s in solitary confinement because his wife recorded a phone conversation for use in his podcast.  We will have more information on this on Tuesday so make sure to listen in!
  • Safe community safe kids is a group of parents that love their kids so much it’s spilling over onto mine, and I want it washed off.  They sent over 300 fliers home with young school kids about the dangers of medical marijuana.  They have also developed an “informative” website with questions and answers (from THEIR experts).  Keep an eye out for Mat and I to start posting our question and answer responses. You know our videos will be so much cooler!  They are trying to get the Initiative in Montana overturned based on the argument that Marinol is available and so we don’t need weed.  Um, Marinol is synthetic THC, educate yourself on why I think that’s a problem before telling me that’s the reason I can’t smoke it.  There are far more dangerous things to expose your kids to, like stupidity.
  • The gossip girl got busted. Well, the guy from the show gossip girl. Nevermind… We’ll take him, as long as he has money to support the cause.
  • A listener phoned in and asked about becoming too anxious after smoking.  Sometimes this is from too much THC, smoke a little less or try ingesting it a different way, like edibles, and see if that helps.  Thanks for calling!! If you ever want to call the show live, or leave a message when the show is not live, the number is 406.204.4687.
  • Answered an email about the process of getting your medical marijuana card.  As far as Montana goes, there are certain requirements which are on the state site here, listed in Initiative 148. Seriously though, don’t go in the doctors office and say you just want to legally smoke pot, that’s not a valid reason… YET.
  • I am trying to see what happens if I run for Miss High Times, that is why some speak of me topless in a headband 🙂  Got any ideas for pics?  Stupid question right, of course you do.Email the ideas to info@hotboxpodcast.com and maybe I’ll try them!!  If you wanna check it out go here.
  • Also got an email asking about growing and if we’re going to try a “how to” show, probably soon.  That isn’t our final answer but it’s the one we have right now. (Mat in I wrote a pretty sweet tek on how to start studying the fine art of mycology. You can check it out here. Mat out.)
  • Jason Christ (who should call us sometime to give Mat something to talk about for years) is taking his show on the road and soon will be appearing in Missouri. Everyone will probably blame any trouble on us as a state but I guess it’s better then being the Unabomber state!
  • I slipped…not Mat this time, holy crap!
  • L.A. is starting to enforce their laws about dispensaries even though the state is voting in November for legalization. If anyone there is operating and you didn’t take all the steps to completely become a business you may need to move. Just a friendly heads up from us to you.
  • We got another call (woohoo we’re getting popular) wondering what the difference between myself and a store in California is… Well, I can only sell to people who submit the paperwork to the state that say they’re buying from me, and in California, pretty much anything goes.
  • Montel Williams had a moment when he was speaking at a conference.  I hope it happened the way Mat described, because it was clearly a Hallmark moment. He was in pain and made it known, and a sheriff told him to light up and get relief. He did and we’re proud.
  • Lastly, Belgrade banned marijuana outright.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been there or how many people live there but was it really a problem?  When everyone spoke 80% of the people were against the ban but it still went through, I’m sure they are so happy their opinion count like in Kalispell.
  • Keep the questions and comments coming!! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and as always you can email us at info@hotboxpodcast.com or leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687. We also have a P.O. box if you are old school and prefer the pen and paper method of writing.
  • We’ll see you next Tuesday, if you want to catch the show live, be at hotboxpodcast.com/live at 7pm PT / 10pm ET. Thanks!

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