Ep 4: Cease and Desist


“Leave weed alone just for a quick hot minute and go deal with that oil spill real quick.”

Welcome to big old show number four, we’re getting up there. It is June and even though we live in Montana it is the time to maybe try a couple outdoor plants.  Just make sure she’s in a safe place away from the street (seriously even if your legal don’t grow in your front yard right now, thanks) and protected from deer or other outdoor vermon that may attempt to tear her apart.  I really recommend a greenhouse which can be as easy as plastic stapled to wood depending on your budget.  And trust me, there is nothing sweeter then smoking your own weed. Now on with the show!

  • We touched on the history of weed last week and came across another page packed with useful information about the prohibition on Marijuana (or Marihuana depending on what year you’re in).  They are most definitely a lying bunch of A-holes.
  • When you make a law and potheads figure out a way around it don’t get angry, be impressed and ask us how to get you around some of the other problems plaguing the city.  At least if everyone buys it online that takes the “drug deal” off the street and the “druggie” from driving, how could online weed sales be a bad thing?  I can get almost any other pharmaceutical on there. So why not pot? Embrace the future!
  • Marc Emery is in solitary for recording a telephone call with his wife for use in a podcast.  It never got used and no one told them they couldn’t, it’s not even a written law, but he’s there until they decide he’s done.  His wife is still asking for everyone to send him letters, info about the do’s and don’ts are here, along with the address. They are picky and reading EVERYTHING!! So be mindful of what you send.
  • Schweitzer thinks he knows how to fix the pot problem in Montana (because we’re still ignoring the highways) and it involves genetic markers.  I prefer my weed is genetically altered thanks, oh and thanks for opening the door to people trying to patent something they shouldn’t.  When will someone in this state be progressive and think things through… thanks for keeping us in Bedrock as well!
  • A patient from Billings, Sarah Baugh, did a story about how beneficial Marijuana has been for her and how it keeps her alive.  Thank you Daily Interlake for doing a story that didn’t make it sound like some person wanted to rant about smoking up all the time and allowed her to sound like a respectful medicinal marijuana patient, finally right? Let’s hope to see more stories like this in the future.
  • Safe Community Safe Kids is working on getting signatures, they have four days to get 24,000 signatures, I thought of so many smart ass comments it hurt, we know how stupid this really is, so enough said. Good luck! (Mat in – I think you should leave them lots of nice comments about how counter productive their work is. I doubt they will ever get posted on their website because they are censoring anything that doesn’t agree with what they are doing, but at least whoever runs the site will see them. – Mat out).
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  • Until next week, smoke safe!!

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