Ep 1: Substandard Care


“That’s not how adults treat each other, come on.”

This is my first time, please be gentle and kind, oh and please ignore my weird sounding voice today, I’m a little nervous. All that aside, WELCOME TO THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE HOT BOX PODCAST!!! Who’s ready to smoke some pot and try to make sense of this crazy place we call home? I have been trying to do that most of my life and I’m sure Mat is in the same boat, so basically we’re dragging you along and giving you the front row seat to the Ganja gallery.  If you have an idea, question or even opinion of your own, email us at info@thehotboxpodcast.com, (or if you know someone cool that’ll talk to us about their specialty, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Did I mention to be here every Tuesday around 7pm PT. / 10pm ET. to join the party. You know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it!  So, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em cause it’s show time.

  • Prince of Pot Marc Emery pled guilty in U.S. courts for selling pot seeds to US.  Riddle us this Batman, if mushroom spores that grow and turn into mushrooms that cause you to hallucinate are legal, “for microscopic purposes” (the spores not the product) how are Marijuana seeds illegal when there isn’t ANY THC in the seed at all?  I guess in five years when he gets out we’ll just smoke him out as a big ol’ “I’m sorry!”  That’ll make it seem like it made sense, right?  He did a good job picking an issue to be a martyr in, it’s pretty easy to do when you can get arrested for everything here.
  • Whitefish Doctor Patricia Cole is being fined by the good State of Montana, to uphold medical law, or to scare other doctors so they won’t sign the recommendation anymore?  A little of one and a whole lot of the other.  She did see about 150 people in 14 hours, which the Guinness Book of Records should be looking into, which is less then six minutes per patient and didn’t take notes.  Did she do something wrong?  This is marijuana.  Have they fined all the doctors that prescribed addictive medications to patients that were un- needed?  She put her medical license on the line each time she signed so she felt it was necessary for the people she saw.  Thank you for another scare tactic world, you should get a reality show.
  • The traveling weed show is under fire, (gasp), and they will probably get shut down, (double gasp).  I am fairly sure it has nothing to do with the intelligence of their leader, it was the blacks NOT the gays, or the way they come across to people when you shove hundreds into a little space with the people who could potentially sell them meds.  It was a good idea that has gotten out of control and he thinks he now gets to be the “voice of a generation.”  I think he lets the spelling of his last name go to his head. Oh well, it was kinda almost not really fun while it lasted Jason, thanks a bunch!
  • Marijuana being dangerous is a HUGE lie that is still told to people on a continuous basis, we need to break the cycle and move past it.  Education is a big step everyone needs to take and the world needs to realize the most dangerous thing about pot is that the government hasn’t quite decided how they can make the most money on it.  Maybe we should pay to keep the schools going to help make a point, what would they think about all the scary potheads then?  I think all lawmakers and government officials may want to remember two important things.  First, our generation is just about ready to take over, we are within ten years of getting voted into positions of power and law making.  Second, you may want to come see me as it gets harder to have quality of life, or you may need to call me and I would very kindly come over with my “devil herb” and help you eat a little, sleep a little, and maybe laugh (in the event the stick up the bum becomes dislodged of course).
  • K2 is probably one of the dumbest things people could be smoking right now. Why smoke something synthetic to get the feeling of smoking marijuana?  I have a random thought, just smoke marijuana.  Seriously we won’t tolerate that, not in our town, and we will laugh at you if you do it… a lot!
  • Did we forget to mention Mat gets a teensy bit irritated with the groups of chaps on motorcycles that migrate throughout the state in the warm weather, sorry bout that lil outburst. If their bikes weren’t so loud, they could probably hear all the people laughing at how silly they look.
  • Lazarus Pino runs Medigrow in Colorado, in a city that recently passed a moratorium.  He has decided to continue to operate regardless of the moratorium and without the necessary building permits which has resulted in being convicted of 76 violations totaling $62,100.  This man is standing his ground and not backing down and the greatest thing, he can probably afford it.  If he is a good caregiver with good product being fined daily may just roll off.  He said he opened early enough though that he shouldn’t have to pay, again they try to find a way to throw a stick in the spoke and slow down the wheel.  Silly government officials, it’s not going to just disappear if you fine just enough money and put just enough people in jail.
  • Thank you for being here and keep on listening. We could probably go on forever and there will never be a dull moment!!  Remember email us at info@hotboxpodcast.com. You can also call 406.204.4687 and leave a message when the show is not live. You can use that number to call during the live show every Tuesday at 7pm PT. / 10pm ET.

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