Ep 6: Drug Test


“Those bro’s don’t wanna be tased, and you tased them.”

Safe Community Safe Kids tried (kinda) to repeal Initiative 148, although if you had the opportunity to speak to any of them you would have been told they were just trying to “fix” it.  They ran out of time to collect signatures and while there are stories of proud upstanding citizens braving adverse weather conditions to fight the good fight they are failing to get the numbers needed to shut it all down.  We talked about the posts on the last episode and how laughable they are, all that time you wasted doing that, you could have been enjoying time with your loved ones and raising the children you are so concerned about.  Rather than educate yourselves, find out what exactly your fears are based on it’s easier to hide behind the statement that you’re doing it for the children and just ban it.  It doesn’t matter to a single one of them that there are so many people dieing from cancer and suffering.  They apparently believe this one person easing their pain is dangerous to a small child the so called “pothead” has absolutely no contact with.  Maybe you should BE A PARENT, teach your child YOUR beliefs and YOUR rules, but I guess when you’re scared, like I said before, it’s easier to just ban it.  Sorry to get all deep and serious here but these people remind me of dear old Mr. A-Hole (Anslinger if you missed that one), base laws for all on fears and narrow mindedness.

Anyways, they are still counting signatures and have just over 2,000 as of now which is a far cry from the 25,000 needed, and they will be done by mid July from what I hear.  There are still attempts being made to remove Initiative 148 and I am asking everyone in Montana please email mmcomment@mt.gov  and make a statement about how medical marijuana does need regulation but don’t take it away (if that is what you believe of course).  All that serious nonsense aside light em up and let’s get on with the show!

  • Montana Connect Magazine is now available.  In Helena at Rock Hand Hardware, Sleeping Giant Caregivers and in the Kalispell area THC of Columbia Falls (that’s me, Sandy), Smokers Friendly, and Advanced Hydroponics located behind the bike shop.  Woot Heidi!!
  • Ever wonder just how much money is being spent on the “War on Drugs” in real time?  How about how many people are currently in prison for consuming a bit of cannabis?  Thanks to our friends at drugsense.org there is a handy dandy war on drugs clock. It is in real time and constantly updating, so go ahead sit around and watch those numbers tick away, it’s just as fun as watching live coverage of the oil spill.
  • It is mean and wrong to pick on those less fortunate, it is completely freakin disgusting to fire a medical marijuana patient with a brain tumor because he tested positive after getting hurt at work. Walmart gets put on Sandy and Mat’s S#*! list for being that freakin disgusting. The beautiful side to the story though, is this same ex-employee is now suing Walmart in an effort to stick one to the man. We’re here for you Joe (and would love to hear from you) you’ve got our support!!
  • Next time I wear make-up I hope everyone doesn’t act SO surprised.
  • Lawmakers are looking to make some regulations and they have a bunch of people trying to make their point (and being added to the mighty S#*! list). They got to hear from concerned moms and Jason “look at my weird pipe” Christ who, of course sounded like a fool and once again set pot smokers back fifty years. It’s really unnecessary to smoke in front of the courthouse Jason, I just wish they could harness your ability to move about without brain function for good not evil.
  • Three patients in Great Falls are suing the city for inhibiting their ability to use their medicine the voters of the state of Montana gave them the right to use. These people are seriously sick and seriously need their medicine and Great Falls is making that difficult which also adds the city to the S#*! list for showing how a city can work with it’s people to give the voters what they wanted.
  • If you are a person wanting to work with a clinic or caregiver and grow medical marijuana and you show off pictures of big beautiful plants which we later find out you didn’t grow, you are a scum bag.  Also, when you are released of your duties because you killed plants you were given to grow due to lack of knowledge (and because it’s shown you’re a liar) it’s not ok to link a website with the name of the person who employed you to a site that would be considered a “competitor”.  It is sad you have betrayed people and beautiful plants and I hope soon it is shown you aren’t who you appear to be.  You have also made the S#*! list, congratulations!
  • Attorney Timothy A. Filz made sure a whole group of employers in Billings (S#*! list) were instructed that they don’t have to tolerate “drug abuse” by allowing medical marijuana patients to stay employed.  I guess no one considered only punishing those who violate work place policy across the board, where’s the meeting talking about pharma abuse in the workplace?
  • Deer Lodge thinks marijuana is dangerous and some concerned citizens are suggesting they discriminate against businesses by not offering a business license to medical marijuana establishments.  Thanks for finding a logical and legal answer, although I guess your town may not be thriving if marijuana were ok because the prison wouldn’t be as full.

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