Hot Box podcast 216: Sweaty Finish


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Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. Mat and Grand back with you for episode 216. Remember, you can always catch the live shows streaming from the r/dabs Discord Saturdays at 1pm Pacific time. On today’s episode we chat about flying with cannabis, dabs that smell like assholes, Maine and Vermont getting their weed on, and so much more! Hit the link below for the show notes.

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Starting the show off with a quick discussion about flying with cannabis. How safe do you feel bringing your weed or dabs with you?

From Reddit

Does your rosin smell or taste like body odor, assholes, and, or, sweat?

Props to Doggface208, you’ve come a long way bro. He also got a shout out on this reddit post!

u/Yainter getting down on a dab for his first post to r/dabs. Love the positive vibes, keep them coming!

Grand is still talking about the 5 gram dab he’s going to do. Good luck homie!

How do you feel about solventless diamonds? u/mydogisbuddy posted some pretty nice looking diamonds.

In the News

Maine’s retail marijuana market will finally open Friday. But some retailers are saying the celebrations might be a little muted.

Vermont is legalizing marijuana sales.

The FBI has recently released their Uniform Crime Report and revealed more people were arrested for cannabis last year than for all violent crimes put together.

Search and Seizure

A 23-year-old Mariners Harbor man was arrested on Thursday after police found a gun, marijuana and cocaine in his car, authorities allege.

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