HBP 167: Self Curing


Thanks for checking out our little weed show here. I’m Mat, and I steer this bus. For episode 167 I’m joined once again by Professor Progressor, and Gooey Rabinski. On tonight’s episode of the Hot Box we talk about the new proposed rule changes for Washington cannabis, Croatia making the leap into medical marijuana, California getting some new medical marijuana regulations, Oregon selling tons of recreational cannabis, and of course so much more. Also make sure to stick around until the end of the audio podcast for a sneak peak of a new track I’ve been working on. It’s the good shit. Thanks for listening!

If you want to read more about the new proposed rule changes as far as terpene use in Washington, there are two pdf’s you should skim through. The recreational change wish list is here, and the medical is here.

Croatia has made a huge leap forward legalizing medical marijuana. Baby steps, as you can only get weed prescribed for you if you have health problems associated with cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and AIDS. Definitely better than nothing.

California is getting some new medical marijuana regulation. Gooey wrote about it over on Whaxy.

Good on ya Canada! They have elected Justin Trudeau, who is hopefully going to do great things for cannabis there.

If Maine can pull it together and get Spose elected, they could most definitely lead the country in the cannabis industry.

Oregon sold a shit load of weed in the first week of recreational sales. 11 million dollars? Oh, is that all?

Are we still putting the elderly in prison for some weed? Ok, granted this wise old man isn’t your normal every day pot smoker. We should definitely try and get him on the show. This is a great reminder that when driving around committing a felony, make sure all your brake lights work and that you come to a complete stop at each stop sign you see.

Weed is stronger now than it was back in the 70s. That’s because we’ve been smoking a lot of weed, and our tolerance has gone up, so we needed more potent weed. There’s actually some science to it, if you wanna read the article here.

Let’s chat a bit about live resin, and do a quick on show weed review. I’ll have my full review of the Lemon OG on Stuff Stoners Like soon. For now make sure to check out my White Nightmare review.

Check out this dope piece I bartered for at Barter Faire!

You should all buy us a MyDX so we can see how legit this thing really is.

Does your workplace have a weed policy? Ours does…

Be sure to stick around till the end of the podcast so you can hear a sneak peak of some new music I’ve been working on.

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Author: Mat Lee

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