Hot Box Podcast 223: Drugs Have Won


rdabs subreddit

The Hot Box podcast back at it for episode 223. Thank you for checking out the show. Mat, Grand, and Vintr chat about some r/Dabs subreddit posts, some marijuana news including the House Rep vote, Mexico’s weed vote, the UN says weed is alright, and so much more. Join us Saturday at 1 pm pacific time for the live show over on the r/Dabs Discord. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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Hot Box Podcast 222: Vapor VS Smoke


r/dabs Discord

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Mat, Grand, and Vintr back with you chatting about the weed news of the week, including Oklahoma killing it in the weed game, Minnesota law enforcement reminds you that weed is still illegal there, a weird opinion article from Arizona, and some weed legalization words from Mexico’s president. All this and some content from the r/Dabs subreddit.

Come by the r/Dabs discord and hangout with us throughout the week. Live shows are every Saturday at 1pm pacific time. Hit the link below for the show notes.

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HBP 127: Ibogaine Clinic Trip


“When you’re that sick you have to, it’s either that or die.”

Hello and welcome to episode 127 of our weekly marijuana podcast, the Hot Box. Mat Lee here, so fresh and so clean back from my trip to Mexico. In this episode I brought a couple friends who followed me deep down the rabbit hole, chasing one of the most intense detoxifying and healing hallucinogenic trips we’ve ever taken in our lives. This is the wrap up to our discussion about drug addiction and the Ibogaine treatment from episode 126 of the Hot Box and episodes 24 and 25 of the Buffer Overflow Show. Sit back and listen, you might learn something. Especially if you or someone you know is struggling with a dark sadistic masochistic addiction to opiates. Keep reading past the break for links to the Ibogaine Clinic and a full trip report written up by AJ.

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