HBP 197: Bangers and Nails


carb caps

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Join Mat and Grand on this journey through the dab culture. Don’t forget to join us in the r/Dabs Discord chat throughout the week, and make sure to check out the r/Dabs subreddit. Hit the link below for some show notes. Don’t forget we’re extending the Chappell Glass giveaway one more week, so make sure you get those entries in!

The Chappell Glass giveaway is being extended one more week. Check the post for details.

Let’s chat about some dab lingo. There are many different consistencies cannabis extracts can be. What’s your favorite?

I’m an asshole and my camera didn’t record, so I don’t know what we’ll have for video this week. We’ll try and get that sorted out better for next time.

carb caps

Different bangers and caps and spinners oh my! What does it all mean? This certainly would have been a lot better with video, but at least you can look at these pictures.

quartz bangers

What is your favorite banger? Grand loves his flat top, I’m a Mizer quartz fan myself if I’m using a bucket. Although I tend to dab with my Jred Diamond Knot a lot more.

CAD Core Banger evan shore

These are the cadmium capsules we were talking about. Evan Shore makes them.

Jake Mizer quartz

These are the Economizers if you want a nice round bottom that’s under 100 bucks.

Let’s talk about how rigs move water. What’s your favorite style?

Photo Credit: b.k.g_art

Huge thanks to the artist Untitled Goose Monstress for making our new graphics! Definitely give her a follow on IG and check out her dope art.

Isolate, full spec, or broad spectrum? What’s the difference and why should you care?

What do you know about PGR? PBR? PB&J?

Let’s talk about glass. Chinese vs. American? Chameleon Glass has an interesting post about it here.

If you want to read more about how glass is colored, check out this post  on thoughtco.com.

Smokecartel has an interesting write up about China vs. American glass here.

Check out the post on Northstar Glass IG about Gemini, one of their CFL glass colors. Definitely check out their IG page for more color making glass videos and content.

If you are a glass artist and want to come on the show and chat with us about your art, get a hold of us!

Thanks for checking out the show. We’ll try and do these once a week. Make sure to come kick it with us in the r/Dabs Discord.

Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.