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“Everyone that wants to, is.”

Welcome back to another fun filled educational episode of our weekly cannabis podcast, the Hot Box. Mat Lee here with Ian Baker bringing you interesting discussion on the latest marijuana news and medical research in the wide world of weed. On tonight’s episode we talk about the raids in Colorado, federal propaganda, driving while smoking, moldy weed and other herbal contaminants, the Grasshopper Vape, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show, and in the future, we’ll try to have these out in a more timely fashion. Join us on the Google+ community throughout the week and make sure to subscribe to the show and give us a review.

Raids are a scary thing when they happen to you or someone you know. Our friend Denton Ramsey from Cannitruths talks about what happened where he lives in Texas on episode 42 of his podcast.

Marijuana.com has an article on why the DEA raided colorado dispensaries and grow operations. There’s another article about it here on the Denver Post.

Are you familiar with Tony Montana? Yeah, he’s the gangster that was linked to some of these Colorado dispensary raids. He’s actually an international diamond thief, but hey, everyone smokes weed right?

Dabbing is back in the news, because it’s just too damn powerful. You wanna talk about mind altering? Let’s talk about DMT. Now that’s mind altering. Smoking weed concentrates is really just making you more tolerant. Calm the fuck down doctors. Everything is going to be ok.

Let’s beat the dead horse that is the driving while stoned debate. Everyone should know their limits, as with anything else. Don’t be stupid, and drive safe. People who are talking on the phone or messing with their smartphone are more of a risk than people smoking weed while driving. Let’s be real here.

Here’s an interesting and gross article from the University of New Haven showing that you might get more than you bargained for in that bag of weed. Have you ever looked at your weed under a microscope? You might not want to, depending on how good your herbs are. Break out your 10x and check it out. They found mold, mildew, insect parts, salmonella and E. coli, just for starters.

Are you familiar with James Backstrom? He’s a country attorney in Dakota County Minnesota, who is strongly and wrongly against medical marijuana. He has some pretty ridiculous things to say about medical marijuana and it’s severe consequences. What a joke. How do people like this get elected? Here’s a gem:

“Minnesota law enforcement officers and prosecutors have significant empathy for anyone suffering the ill effects of the serious medical diseases and conditions that ‘medical’ marijuana legislation is claimed to be needed for, but we also experience on a daily basis the pain and suffering that is directly and indirectly attributable to the illegal cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana.”

Check out the Grasshopper Vaporizer over on Indiegogo. It has five days left as of the posting of this, so get in while the gettin’s good. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of these to give away on the show, so stay tuned. From the site: Grasshopper is an advanced herbal vaporizer. Built to be powerful, durable and discreet, it pushes the boundary of what’s technologically possible. If you check out the video, it’s actually pretty cool. I can’t wait to try one out.

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