HBP 145: Transcendent Experiences


“When people are healed positively like that, they want to shout it from the mountain tops.”

Welcome back to the Hot Box. Join Kyle and I as we talk to Master Ayahuasca & Cannabis Shaman Hamilton Souther from Blue Morpho Tours. Who is this Shaman we speak of? I’m glad you asked. From the Blue Morpho Tours site, Hamilton Souther is a:

Master Ayahuasca & Cannabis Shaman. He focuses his work on authentic traditional and modern disciplines of shamanism. Bilingual in English and Spanish, he has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, and has practiced shamanism worldwide. Legendary Master Shamans Alberto Torres Davila and Julio Llerena Pinedo gave Hamilton the title of Master Shaman after completing an apprenticeship under the tutelage of the two. Over the last 12 years, he has guided thousands of participants into shamanic states of consciousness and has transformed shamanism into an accessible spiritual modality for westerners. Within that development Hamilton has been able to heal westerners of depression, anxiety, drug addiction and PTSD. His ceremonies also help people find their deepest purposes and goals in life.

Thanks for sticking with the show, we’ll try to be more regular about putting out new episodes. Check out the links and commentary in the show notes.

The story of how Hamilton Souther founded Blue Morpho is pretty awesome.

So, what do you know about the spirit world and the Entities?

If you want to see what the Blue Morpho experience is like, check out the videos on their page here.

Here’s the article on National Geographic that really started to popularize the Blue Morpho Ayahuasca center experience.

In case you were wondering, the Shamans drink last.

Are you curious about Cannabis Shamanism? Check out Blue Morpho Cannabis Shamanism. The 420 Shamanism Movement is cannabis friendly, but not necessary. It’s all about the spirits. Find out what time it starts in your time zone here.

Technology is completely shamanic. Think about it. What has all this technology given us? The ability to be more connected with each other.

Edibles versus vape? The shaman goes with the vape. Personally, I have to agree with him. Kyle disagrees, and that’s fine. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Break out the cannabis and get ready to blaze with the head medicine spirit of the herb. We present to you, the cannabis Icaro.

You can trip, and then you can trip with a Shaman. One is just a trip, and one will change your life.

Stick around for the end of the show as Hamilton Souther plays us out with a nighty night Icaro. Beautiful.

Thanks for listening, and like I mentioned before, we’ll get the show going more regularly. Have a great week and stay safe out there.

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