Ep 59: Mormon Jihad


“I believe in the voice of the people.”

Marijuana has endless benefits to human beings. This we know. The government may not want to admit it, but they know also. Why do you think they CURRENTLY dispense “medical marijuana” on the tax payers dime to four people with ailments that range from Glaucoma to Multiple Sclerosis to Multiple Congenital Cartilaginous Exostoses. If that last one sounds kind of familiar, it should. It’s the disease our good friend Irvin Rosenfeld has been living with since he was ten years old. Ask him and he’ll be happy to tell you, cannabis saved his life. It’s beyond me why this is even an issue. I understand that perhaps the government doesn’t want to go back on over 80 years of marijuana prohibition. As much as that is going to inevitably make them look like huge raging hypocrites, it’s not like that’s the first time it’s happened. As awesome and as free as we like to think this great country of ours is, our government does some shady messed up junk. So it’s no surprise that they are clinging onto every last nano thread of the whole reefer madness mind state, which only serves to hinder our potentially great nations progress. Ask local law enforcement, the ones who are well educated know how much of a waste of time it is busting people who smoke marijuana. Ask doctors, the ones who are well educated will tell you that marijuana is one of the safest substances known to man. Where else can you get such amazing medicinal properties, awesome preventative and relaxation properties with zero side effects? Marijuana my friends. Marijuana.

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– A new segment we’re going to start the show out with. Let’s take a real hard look at the damage LEGAL prescription medications cause. In todays segment, we briefly discuss how the Chronicles of Narnia producer Perry Moore died of an apparent oxycontin overdose in his SoHo appartment. He was 39 years old.

– Next let’s do like we do and discuss some local medical marijuana news. The Montana Medical Marijuana repeal bill passes another vote. Do these people have any idea what they are voting for? It’s high time to focus on the senate. The legislatures are clearly not listening, or have all been payed off by Commie Mommies and the Mormons.

– Let’s blow the lid off this thing. Let’s all look upon the face of the mormon that funded the $20,000 for anti medical marijuana ads. His name is Steve Zabawa and he has declared a Mormon Jihad on medical marijuana. I was going to link to the Montanafesto, but she has it marked private now, so we can’t view it. Not sure why, but keep checking back, perhaps she’ll open it back up. Here is a story from the Billings Gazette about it.

Hiedi Handford from Montana Connect magazine calls in and discusses what’s going on in Helena. You know it’s bad when your own party is beating up on you for making poor decisions regarding the medical marijuana industry here in Montana.

– If you want to stay updated with what’s going on in the capital send an email to rideforthebrand@mail.com. We are completely disgusted with this whole repeal problem. There are plenty of wonderful alternatives that will fix and strengthen the medical marijuana industry here in Montana. It sounds like some of these law makers don’t want it to be an industry. Either that or they have refused to be educated by those who know about medical marijuana. Hey, hows your blood pressure?

– If you repeal Montana medical marijuana, you are going to put a HUGE drain on our community, over crowd the jails even more, and turn good hard working honest citizens into criminals, for NO GOOD REASON. How can you logically support something like medical marijuana repeal? This industry has generated a lot of money for the communities they are set up in. How can you act like this is still a negative thing?

– Get your copy of the 2011 MMGA Legislature’s guide to Medical Cannabis. There is a TON of great information in this regarding medical cannabis. Regardless of what state you live in. Remember, if it’s medical cannabis, it HAS TO BE about the patients.

– So then, getting back to the story about that magical underwear wearing mormon who dropped $20,000 on medical marijuana repeal ads. From the sounds of it, he has some REAL problems he should be worrying about, before he worries about people using a plant for medical benefit.

– Sandy tells us about a marijuana themed sandwich shop in Iowa City, Iowa. Honestly, I’m not really interested unless there is really marijuana in what I order. I am down with how they are encouraging the use of a schedule one substance. See how silly that sounds? Marijuana should NOT be schedule one, and everyone with half a brain knows that.

– This is exactly how to handle marijuana in the United States. You’re welcome! Listen up, the marijuana grown for medical use should be medical grade and treated as such. The recreational marijuana side should be separate, and you could even use all of that marijuana you confiscate from the drug cartels. Waste not, want not.

The Seattle Times has realized how beneficial marijuana can be to a community. They have called on the state legislature to legalize marijuana. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve been smoking marijuana for how long now, with zero negative effects. What’s taking so long?

– A quick update on our friend Joseph Casias. If you remember, he was the employee of the year that Walmart decided to fire because he had marijuana in his system. Even though he has an inoperable brain tumor and is allowed by Michigan state law to use medical marijuana. That’s really messed up Walmart. This guy worked hard for you and this is how you thank him?

– We get a phone call from Jason from Montana Advanced Caregivers in Billings. All we have to lose is patients. Let’s talk about what is going to happen to all of these terminal patients that are going to be criminals if medical marijuana repeal happens. We CANNOT allow that to happen. It will be very detrimental to the lives of thousands of good people.

– Interesting that the Mormon doctrine actually supports the use of marijuana. Maybe someone should send this story to brother Zabawa and tell him to do his Book of Mormon research.

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