Ep 60: Blunt Warning


“This is surely not the will of the people at work here that we’re experiencing.”

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– The Compassion Center of Montana at 4865 Highway 2 West in Columbia Falls now has an opening and functioning drive-up window for our patients.  Stop by and say hi!

– Last week we started opening the show with an Oxy story, this is a huge epidemic that more people need to pay attention to. This week: A pharmacy that won’t carry Oxycontin? That’s right, there have been enough robberies that now they don’t want to carry it and tease all the addicted people out there.

– Montana is making me more and more embarrassed. Why would you say things that don’t make sense and infringe on my rights? Is it just me or is this really that big of a deal? Haven’t more people been killed and hurt fighting the war on drugs compared to the druggies hurting each other. Cannabis has never hurt a soul but because it’s occasionally there when people get in trouble for something else that means the plant made them do it? The polls still show that Montana doesn’t agree with full repeal. It’s passed the first three votes, now it’s going to the senate. The next hearing is March 11th at 8am in room 303 of the state capital.

– Missoula had a good idea at one point. Marijuana was not a priority, and this was voted in by their residents but now, for reasons unknown, they reversed this decision. Now marijuana is a priority to be enforced by the police, why? Oh, and they don’t like the gays either. Thanks republicans!

– The youngest medical marijuana user in Montana is 2, his name is Cash and has a brain tumor. Where’s the group thinking about children? Why aren’t they waging a radical war on cancer, demanding a cure and educating on preventative measures. Is it just me or is cannabis, which they can’t OD on, won’t mess with their developing organs, and it helps them eat and sleep. How is this a bad idea? Cash finally came home to Missoula, there are 50 other patients under 18 in Montana using this medicine. I am so sick of people screaming it’s harming the children when it’s obvious, this little boy would be worse off without cannabis. He didn’t eat and his body was being destroyed and you want to take the only beneficial  thing he’s taken, away from him? Not very compassionate if you ask me.

– Check out uf4a.org or the Unconventional Foundation for Autism. I apologize in advanced for the music playing on their page when it loads, and that the page is overloaded with flash, but they have a lot of good information. Anyways, medical cannabis is doing great things with Autism.

– Need another study to show benefits of medical marijuana? They covered all their bases and came to the conclusion, marijuana may benefit those with Neuropathic pain. Wow, who would have thought that? So, we can remove it from the schedule one list and all is well, right? Oh, and could someone let Mike Milburn the politician know that Cocaine is schedule two, so stop grouping them together. If you think it’s as dangerous as cocaine then change the schedule, cocaine was found to have medical benefit, so earn your paycheck and go figure it out!

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.

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