Ep 58: Horse Sense


“There is no basis for what they’re afraid of.”

Homeopathy = Bad

Marijuana = Good

Has anyone looked at it from this point of view yet? I was driving back home safely (with a BUNCH of marijuana in my system I might add, completely in control and safe), from taking Sandy back home after the podcast, and it occurred to me. We all agree that marijuana has medical properties, both preventative and to help ease a long list of symptoms, with zero negative side effects, yet federally it is still illegal. Homeopathy on the other hand, states it can cure a long list of ailments (which there is absolutely zero scientific evidence for), and if you follow the homeopathic guide of how “like cures like,” basically after the long dilution process called potentisation (which incorrectly states the more times you dilute the “remedy,” the stronger it becomes because of the “memory” the water has), what you are left with on a 12C dilution is a 60% chance of ONE molecule of the original remedy in the solution. Basically this is a completely ridiculous unscientific belief that exploits people to make money. Of course to get at the average 30C “potency” they will then continue to dilute this down 18 more times. Of course, by that point there is absolutely NOTHING left in your solution other than the water itself, so all you are doing is diluting water with water. Guess what that makes? Yep, plain old water.

Any effect felt from using homeopathic remedies is strictly placebo, and even that is questioned by some. My point is, that if this Alternative Medicine industry is able to function and sell people remedies that have no basis in science (Homeopathy, Chiropractic Subluxations, Crystal and Faith Healing, etc…), and have proven zero efficacy (quite the opposite actually, many times has homeopathy been proven to be completely ineffective), basically ripping off the people that buy their snake oil. Yet this plant that has actual, legitimate medical benefit, as both a preventative and a medicine to treat a long list of ailments, not to mention all of its therapeutic relaxation properties, yet anyone who smokes it is considered a “second class citizen” and a “criminal” by the federal government and even by some state governments. Meanwhile lets keep in mind the federal government is currently prescribing medical marijuana to 4 people.

Clearly when people buy into these fake Alternative Therapies, they are being taken advantage of, and even worse, they are putting off getting real medical help for whatever their problem might be. In some cases this leads to death. So if you think about it logically, homeopathy and the rest of these other “alternative medicines” are responsible for more deaths than marijuana. Yet marijuana is illegal and a schedule one substance, and homeopathy is sold across the globe. In some cases even right next to actual legitimate medicine. It just doesn’t make sense. If you think you have proof or have found proof that homeopathy works beyond a mere placebo effect, I would love to hear from you.

– Poor Sandy is rocking the crutches today. You should have seen her hobble up the stairs and almost slip on the ice.

– Happy birthday Jimmy One! I was totally kidding about the old joke. I’m old too, it’s ok.

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– I really wish this whole Montana medical marijuana repeal would die once and for all. I guess when your group is funded by the Mormons, you have more of a bite than you might otherwise. If you are trying to repeal medical marijuana in Montana, then YOU are the criminal. If you want to make us criminals, we are going to make you a criminal first. Why are you trying to make us criminals? Again, aren’t there other drugs you should go after first? I mean, marijuana isn’t hurting anyone.

– Do you know what horse sense means? Like we’re the only state that has horses. So they are considering three different pieces of legislation. HB-161 would repeal the law altogether on July 1st. HB-429 is also completely terrible and utterly unacceptable.

– In other news, did you know the Safe Community Safe Kids group is funded by the Mormon church? I found that interesting. Do you realize that if this gets repealed here, and you turn alot of us hard working people into criminals, absolutely nothing will change in your lives. Your kids will still be exposed to the SAME exact dangers he would have been exposed to if medical marijuana was legal, the way it should be. What’s your beef? Go fight alcohol, pot hasn’t hurt anyone. If they are YOUR kids, then it’s YOUR job to protect them. When I smoke pot, it has absolutely NO effect on YOUR CHILD.

– Let’s play a pretty awesome voicemail from a listener in Missouri. Thank you! We would love to hear your thoughts, whether for, or against marijuana. Call 406.204.4687 and do your thing!

– The whole reason marijuana was made illegal in the first place was to keep black men away from the white women. Weird right? It was a racial thing. If you have a problem with marijuana, you are a racist.

– You have to be honest with your children. If you tell them marijuana is horrible for you, then they find out on their own that it’s not, and they see you lied to them, your children will resent you for the rest of your life. Don’t be a liar liar pants on fire. Be honest. Kids should be educated. Parents and politicians should also be educated. Here’s an idea, repeal medical marijuana just for them. The rest of us who think logically, can be free to smoke it or eat it if we want. Because we are adults living in a free country.

– If you can make it to Helena Montana TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 2011 AT 3pm in ROOM 102 at the capital. Also call 406.444.4800 and tell them that you do NOT support HB-161 or HB-429. You do not support making criminals out of good people or limiting the growth of an industry which has amazing potential. The people who answer the phone are nice, and if you get put on hold, just be patient. A lot of people are voicing their opinions of the medical marijuana issue. Please make sure you are a resident of Montana if you are calling. Thank you!

– Hiedi from Montana Connect calls in to tell us what these idiots are doing. Let’s talk about a lack of compassion. These commie mommies have done real damage to a Montana medical marijuana patient. Not nice. Is that how Jesus would have behaved?

– Marijuana MUST get rescheduled. If marijuana is schedule 1, I can’t trust anything the scheduling says, because I know for a FACT that it has medical use and is so safe to use.

– Can you imagine the legislature of Montana taking something away that passed with over 60% of the vote? I sure can’t. Then again, I didn’t think it was ok that Walmart fired Joseph Casais. That was not nice. Such a scumbag thing to do. Hey Joseph, if you read this and would like to come on the show and talk with us, please email info@hotboxpodcast.com. We should probably stop shopping there until they apologize.

– I would also love to have someone from LEAP come speak to us. If you or someone you know knows someone that is associated with LEAP, you should send them our information.

Talyn Lange, Missoula chapter director of the Montana Medical Growers Association calls in to talk some Montana legislation. SB-336 is also another bill we can get behind. It also have bi partisan sponsorship. This bill also has a lot of good stuff for the veterans. They should be able to have whatever they want if you ask me. They sacrificed so much so that we can live how we’re living. Let’s get the word out.

– You know a group is shady when they lock down comments on their YouTube. You should want to foster a discussion so we can figure stuff out. I mean, we smoke marijuana every day, if it was dangerous, don’t you think we would want to know? You lock down comments and censor the internet because you KNOW YOU ARE WRONG. Here is their Facebook if y0u would like to FLAG IT FOR REMOVAL. Thank you. These people are a stone throw away from being religious extremists. That is no good.

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