Ep 59: Mormon Jihad


“I believe in the voice of the people.”

Marijuana has endless benefits to human beings. This we know. The government may not want to admit it, but they know also. Why do you think they CURRENTLY dispense “medical marijuana” on the tax payers dime to four people with ailments that range from Glaucoma to Multiple Sclerosis to Multiple Congenital Cartilaginous Exostoses. If that last one sounds kind of familiar, it should. It’s the disease our good friend Irvin Rosenfeld has been living with since he was ten years old. Ask him and he’ll be happy to tell you, cannabis saved his life. It’s beyond me why this is even an issue. I understand that perhaps the government doesn’t want to go back on over 80 years of marijuana prohibition. As much as that is going to inevitably make them look like huge raging hypocrites, it’s not like that’s the first time it’s happened. As awesome and as free as we like to think this great country of ours is, our government does some shady messed up junk. So it’s no surprise that they are clinging onto every last nano thread of the whole reefer madness mind state, which only serves to hinder our potentially great nations progress. Ask local law enforcement, the ones who are well educated know how much of a waste of time it is busting people who smoke marijuana. Ask doctors, the ones who are well educated will tell you that marijuana is one of the safest substances known to man. Where else can you get such amazing medicinal properties, awesome preventative and relaxation properties with zero side effects? Marijuana my friends. Marijuana.

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