Ep 58: Horse Sense


“There is no basis for what they’re afraid of.”

Homeopathy = Bad

Marijuana = Good

Has anyone looked at it from this point of view yet? I was driving back home safely (with a BUNCH of marijuana in my system I might add, completely in control and safe), from taking Sandy back home after the podcast, and it occurred to me. We all agree that marijuana has medical properties, both preventative and to help ease a long list of symptoms, with zero negative side effects, yet federally it is still illegal. Homeopathy on the other hand, states it can cure a long list of ailments (which there is absolutely zero scientific evidence for), and if you follow the homeopathic guide of how “like cures like,” basically after the long dilution process called potentisation (which incorrectly states the more times you dilute the “remedy,” the stronger it becomes because of the “memory” the water has), what you are left with on a 12C dilution is a 60% chance of ONE molecule of the original remedy in the solution. Basically this is a completely ridiculous unscientific belief that exploits people to make money. Of course to get at the average 30C “potency” they will then continue to dilute this down 18 more times. Of course, by that point there is absolutely NOTHING left in your solution other than the water itself, so all you are doing is diluting water with water. Guess what that makes? Yep, plain old water.

Any effect felt from using homeopathic remedies is strictly placebo, and even that is questioned by some. My point is, that if this Alternative Medicine industry is able to function and sell people remedies that have no basis in science (Homeopathy, Chiropractic Subluxations, Crystal and Faith Healing, etc…), and have proven zero efficacy (quite the opposite actually, many times has homeopathy been proven to be completely ineffective), basically ripping off the people that buy their snake oil. Yet this plant that has actual, legitimate medical benefit, as both a preventative and a medicine to treat a long list of ailments, not to mention all of its therapeutic relaxation properties, yet anyone who smokes it is considered a “second class citizen” and a “criminal” by the federal government and even by some state governments. Meanwhile lets keep in mind the federal government is currently prescribing medical marijuana to 4 people.

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