Ep 57: Backup Plan


“The sale of marijuana for medical purposes is illegal under federal law.”

Here is our marijuana podcast. We hope you enjoy it and learn something. Marijuana is an amazing plant with amazing properties. We should use it to it’s maximum capabilities. Marijuana is safe, much safer than alcohol and most, if not all prescription medications. We should encourage it’s use. Either way, if you want it or not, the point is that you are free and able to make that choice. I honestly feel the government is over stepping it’s bounds here. I understand, back in the day when we didn’t know anything about cannabis, it was good to study it. But there have never been any negative effects found, so why are you treating it like it’s nuclear material? You should be treating it like aspirin. You cannot win this war, and making criminals out of normal hard working people is a very unproductive way of governing.

– Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, keep that in mind when leaving comments on a local newspaper website. Some of these people are so completely clueless. I even offered to have them come on the show and explain to us why Montana medical marijuana should be repealed. If you can make one solid truthful point, my mind will go boom. Apparently the people who talk a big talk on the Flathead Beacon didn’t have much to say when they were given the chance to call in and voice their stupid opinion.

– So if your child found a bag of pot, or a bottle of aspirin, what would be worse? I’m going to guess the bottle of aspirin. Interesting right? Here is the link to the poll about the Montana medical marijuana repeal on the Flathead Beacon. Be sure to read the comments and feel free to leave your own! Here is a poll from Helena IR. Interesting numbers. So perhaps this IS what we voted for?

– Libby Montana has a pretty shady person trying to skirt some laws there. If you ran your business properly, you wouldn’t have problems like this. I mean a business needs a business license right? How many people are you going to sue this year? I can’t believe someone as nice as Sandy worked for someone as NOT nice as this guy.

– Let’s get into some Montana medical marijuana repeal bullshit. HB-161 is the worst, and their backup bill is complete garbage also. Hey, remember when the majority voted this in over 6 years ago? What kind of shady politics are you trying to pull here? We are the majority, you will learn that soon. You want to base legislation on what Alaska is doing? The only reason Alaska has a small medical marijuana card user base is because everyone smokes it and grows it there without needing a card. At least they don’t seem to think they need cards. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you will do by voting for either of these bills?

– Hey Idaho, it’s about time you finally started thinking about getting some medical marijuana legislation going. Are you waiting for an invitation? 74% support medical marijuana in Idaho. That’s a pretty healthy majority number. I’m curious about the 3% that said they didn’t know. How can you not know? It’s a freaking plant!

– Marijuana is amazing as a preventative, why are you trying to limit who has access to this amazing plant? The only reason I can see is the fact that if more people start smoking marijuana, less people will turn to pharmaceuticals. Is weed that good? Oh yeah, it’s that good.

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– Let’s file this one under completely unacceptable human behavior. What the hell is your problem Colorado? This kid has a rare neurological disorder diaphragmatic and axial myoclonus, and medical marijuana helps him tremendously. Yet if he takes his THC lozenges to school, he gets kicked out, but if he doesn’t take his medicine, he has really bad seizures and has to miss school anyways. I say just go get home schooled or something. Not nice school. Not nice at all.

– Why is the city having such a hard time figuring out how to make medical marijuana successful? It could do so much to help the community if you would just let us do our thing. We’ve been doing it for so long with no problems. The only problems, are problems YOU create. Stop making good people out to be criminals.

– Also news from Colorado, they seem to be having a hard time finding a bank that will work with the medical marijuana industry. What’s up with that? Is our money not good enough for your bank? I’m sure there are lots of things you do that I don’t agree with, but I’m not judging you for it. I don’t treat you like a second class citizen for all the shady shit you do, so why are you like that to us?

– A very elaborate and productive marijuana grow was raided the other day. They were producing three million dollars every 3 months. Sounds like a pretty good business to me. So they get in trouble because they are successful? That doesn’t sound like capitalism to me.

Washington is having a senate committee is considering taxing medical marijuana. SB-5073 doesn’t sound like a very good bill. They want to go from 25 patients per caregiver to 3 patients. How is that going to help the industry? How does that sound like a good idea? Why are you trying to limit our business?

– Ann Arbor Michigan is finally going to get a vote, after being delayed four times. What is taking so much of their time? A medical marijuana licensing ordinance. What a joke. I honestly think if you let it, this industry can govern itself quite nicely. Much better than some of your other industries. It’s a joke that you are being so shady with your moratorium.

– Durand Michigan gets a dispensary moratorium passed. Not good. Again I’ll say, this isn’t that hard, what’s your problem? We don’t want to open up next to your schools and churches. It’s going to take you 180 days to figure this out? Unbelievable, you must get paid by the hour.

Washington DC having some problems sorting out there medical marijuana stuff. Well, let’s have another meeting.

– Regardless of what stupid thing you believe in, we are going to be tolerant and respectful. Unless it involves marijuana. But you know, eating the body and blood of your weird zombie christ is A OK. What’s wrong Canada? Is the U.S. putting too much pressure on you to be more like us? That’s terrible. You should do your own thing. You’re Canada! I believe that marijuana relaxes me and I like how I feel after I smoke it. If that’s not god, I don’t know what is. At least I can prove that marijuana is real.

–  I apologize if we got a little more into the whole “does god exist” issue than we maybe should have. Maybe work on that before you go and mess with our medical marijuana.

– Ending the show with an Australian study that makes some “crazy” assumptions. Ha, did you see what I did there? Anyways, they say that if you smoke pot, you MIGHT go crazy about 2 years before someone who doesn’t smoke pot. So either way we go crazy? I’d want to know, prevention is the best medicine. You know your study is bogus, please stop fear mongering.

– If I stop smoking pot, I might die. Marijuana is keeping me young and spry. Let’s listen to some Twentysix voicemail love. If you would like to leave a message, call 406.204.4687. Keep it short and to the point.

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