Ep 57: Backup Plan


“The sale of marijuana for medical purposes is illegal under federal law.”

Here is our marijuana podcast. We hope you enjoy it and learn something. Marijuana is an amazing plant with amazing properties. We should use it to it’s maximum capabilities. Marijuana is safe, much safer than alcohol and most, if not all prescription medications. We should encourage it’s use. Either way, if you want it or not, the point is that you are free and able to make that choice. I honestly feel the government is over stepping it’s bounds here. I understand, back in the day when we didn’t know anything about cannabis, it was good to study it. But there have never been any negative effects found, so why are you treating it like it’s nuclear material? You should be treating it like aspirin. You cannot win this war, and making criminals out of normal hard working people is a very unproductive way of governing.

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