Ep 56: Tread Carefully


“We’re trying to progress not regress, let’s keep that in mind.”

So the people have spoken… a little over 6 years ago, when 62% of the voters voted to pass Initiative 148 here in Montana. Since then, there has been a wonderful new industry blossoming in Montana, an industry that is giving new jobs to people who had previously lost there’s. It is putting to good use a lot of the empty buildings that we all see dotting our communities. Sick people get the medicine they need, and in many cases, are able to begin stepping down off a lot of the harmful medications they may be taking. Over all, I’d say that since Initiative 148 passed, we have seen a lot of positive things happen. That’s all well and good, but as we discuss in this episode of the Hot Box, there is a move to completely repeal the Montana Medical Marijuana initiative which would essentially make criminals out of good honest hard working, pain suffering citizens. This is completely unacceptable. The voters spoke and YES, this IS what we voted for. Please stop saying it isn’t like you speak for everyone. Let’s take a quick look at a recent poll over at the Flathead Beacon. As of writing this on Sunday, February 6th 2011 at 4:03 pm Mountain Time Zone, the poll states, “Should the Legislature Repeal Montana’s Medical Marijuana Law?” Yes – 75 votes, No – 265 votes. So just in this little tiny cross section of Flathead Beacon readers, we see an overwhelming majority opposed to Medical Marijuana repeal in Montana. How can they go through with something like this? It seems that when it was taken to a vote, all 5 democrats voted against HB-161 and all 10 republicans voted for it. Are you serious? I am having a real hard time understanding how anyone can vote to repeal something that so many Montana’s have worked so hard to make reality. It’s mind blowing to me that we allow our public servants to push us around like this. This is simply unacceptable. Like I said before, all repealing this law is going to do is make criminals and outlaws out of good, honest, hard working pain suffering citizens. That is NOT OK.

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– It’s a sad day when our legislatures go against what the majority votes and repeals laws we actually are all for. Sure certain tweaks need to be made, but repeal is unacceptable.

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– Let’s start off with the first story about the Montana Medical Marijuana repeal so everyone can be on the same page when we have our guest Jim Gingery, Executive Director of the Montana Medical Growers Association.

– Every argument you are posing for repeal is completely unfounded in reality. Please stop trying to go backwards while the rest of us are trying so hard to move forward.

– What other industry do you punish for doing good and growing large? We are doing something wonderful here and you are making it very hard for us to succeed. How out of control are all of the major industries in the United States? There is corruption everywhere, but you don’t try to get rid of those industries, so why are you picking on us?

– At least Representative Democrat Pat Noonan of Butte is thinking clearly. He says, “I have a rule that I don’t vote against anything that has been passed by the voters. If we really want repeal, I think the voters should do it.” Well said sir.

– According to the 420 Times article, only 28 people showed up to testify on behalf of the repeal, and 86 people signed up to testify against the repeal. That’s a great turn out, and I’m proud of you guys for getting there and standing up for what you believe in, and for what is right. Prohibition is NOT THE ANSWER!

– How can you compare the medical marijuana industry in Montana to the destruction Hurricane Katrina caused? Wow House Speaker Mike Milburn, we have just lost ALL respect for you. All gone. Keep putting out sound bites like that and see how easy it is for you to get re elected.

– Let’s give a call to Jim Gingery, Executive Director of the MMGA. If you are going to take on these people on at a political level, you have to arm yourself with the proper knowledge. Start over at Solutions 4 Montana. They have a lot of great information, including the 2011 Legislators’ Guide to Medical Cannabis. When you talk to your legislator’s, make sure to ask them if they ever got around to reading the guide. I have a feeling if they would have, none of this would be happening right now.

– This is exactly why I dislike politics. Seems like a LOT of money wasted on making decisions that end up screwing the every day person, and benefiting the politicians making them. Where did we go so wrong?

– Here is the information on the study page of Solutions for Montana. Make sure you are contacting the people in charge. We have to let them know that this is unacceptable.

– Hey Republicans that voted to repeal, you have brought a GREAT SHAME onto your political name. Not nice.

– So if you own a dispensary, or work in this industry in any way, listen up and get involved. This is the time to save your passion! Pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and call your legislature. Be honest, be straight with them. The leaders of Safe Community Safe Kids are fighting this useless war with lies and their children. YOUR CHILDREN ARE JUST FINE, what the hell is your problem? Alcohol is way more likely to hurt or kill your child than cannabis ever could be.

– The people who are voting for repeal, have absolutely no idea what they are voting for. Read the Medical Cannabis guide and get yourself educated.

– We generate a lot of money for the state and for the community. Even from an economic view, how can repeal be the right thing to do?

– We’ve had medical marijuana for such a long time, and there are NO PROBLEMS. You are completely fabricating the problems you say there are. Hey Safe Community Safe Kids, STOP LYING. You know the truth, and if you don’t, please let us educate you. You have this all wrong.

– Every industry has corruption. You shouldn’t judge the whole medical marijuana industry on the stupid unlawful actions of a couple people.

– All I have to say is that I’m glad it’s not our industry that’s getting in trouble for having sex with children. I’m looking at you Catholics. Doesn’t the bible say something about not judging the speck in your brother’s eye when you have a plank in your own? That’s right. You have a huge throbbing disgusting plank. Now go away.

– If you would like to donate to the MMGA or Solutions 4 Montana, you can do that right here. They really are doing good things. Enough insanity, let’s do this the right way.

– Let’s shift gears, and talk about a South Carolina Ex Treasurer who says the war on drugs is a failure. YES! He says we should legalize marijuana and cocaine. Sure, why not! Hey, at least he was sharing with his friends. He might be on to something here. It’s human nature to wanna get high, or changing your mind state. Stop making life suck so bad and maybe we won’t want to get high all the time.

– We have a bill coming out of California that could limit firing due to medical marijuana use. Nice work guys.

– Berger sent us in a story about Michigan’s struggle for medical marijuana going to the Federal Court. I wish we could settle this in the People’s court. Duh Dun dun. Da dadun dun da. Duh Dun dun… I used to love that shit when I was a kid.

– Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Hot Box. Remember, get involved, and contact your local representatives. We cannot let this happen. You cannot make criminals out of good people. That is unacceptable.

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