HBP 122: Socratic Conversation


“There is no such thing as truth, there’s only what we know to be true right now.”

Hello and welcome to another extreme episode of our weekly marijuana podcast, the Hot Box. Extreme Mat Lee here joined by Extreme Baker, and on this extremely extreme episode of the Hot Box we discuss corporations steering election outcomes, Ian’s lack of satisfaction in life, our failing education system, the ignorant public, some religious nonsense, and of course more bath salt marijuana zombie apocalypse chatter. All this and so much more on episode 122 of the Hot Box. Thanks for listening and tap the read more to, well… Read more!

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HBP 119: Spoiler Alert


“Why did god give me an ass if he didn’t want me to sit on it?”

Hello and welcome to another educational cannabis / marijuana filled episode of the Hot Box. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the drug war is still on and popping with no stop in sight. So do what you have to in order to stay safe, and by safe, I mean out of the prison system. For some reason, after doing this show for a while, it seems to me, and maybe this was blatantly obvious to most of you, but the prison system plays a huge role in all of this. It’s the prison system that eats these peoples lives, destroys families, etc… Or more importantly, it’s the people who have the most to benefit by the prison system running smoothly that are doing the destroying.

Sure, there are some nasty people out there, and they should be locked up or destroyed or whatever you do to people who have nothing else to give society and have become a detriment. But for the most part, the people who fill this system are non violent drug offenders. What happens when you lock up non violent people with violent people? Take a wild guess. I can promise you it’s not┬árehabilitation. But you already knew that, because you listen to this show, ergo, you are smart. Or at least pretend to be. Thanks for listening, and keep on reading for some notes.

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HBP 116: Ghost Towns


“Hey Billings, how’s your heroin problem?”

If you enjoyed our chat with MTCIA President Chris Lindsey, check out the Hot Box forums for more information on his Spring Seminar Series over at CardHolderSeminars.com.