HBP 124: Consumption, Reproduction, Destruction


“Are they as jaded as we are?”

It’s the Hot Box! Let’s gather around the iPod or Android device and listen to your two favorite hosts talk about the finer things in life. On tonight’s show we take you from the deep dark depths of depression all the way full circle to why depression exists. Here’s a spoiler alert, it’s because humans have completely corrupted and destroyed our lives. Why look at the bright side when it’s going to eventually get dirty and tarnished with shit? Exactly, you don’t. Just keep on trudging along, because guess what? When we die, none of this is going to matter anyway. So stop being a slave and start enjoying life more. You deserve it. Well you might not, but we sure do. Let’s get on with the show notes.

Let’s start things out with trying to figure out when exactly rational thought got tossed out the window.

Ian has been dealing with some interesting health care issues. I’ll let him tell you all about it. Keep in mind, this is just ONE of MANY problems people are faced with here in the land of the free.

It’s time to talk about Oxycontin! Purdue has some patents that are running out soon. How do you solve that problem? Test your pain pills on children, duh!

Who’s ready for marijuana decriminalization? Well, I suppose that’s a small step in the right direction.

Here’s an update to the OHSU rules on marijuana use and organ transplants. At least they are KIND OF pulling their heads out of their asses… Almost there.

What are you trying to do Amsterdam? I get you want to clean up your act, but don’t you think this is taking it a bit far? Prove you aren’t a criminal! Prove your innocence.

If you had to say, what was Obama’s BIG MISTAKE? Hmm, what is the War on Drugs?

Do you want your state to be self sustaining? Grow more hemp.

Did you know that hash is NOT medical marijuana? You must not be getting the right hash.

So if you had to guess, when would you say life begins? I have an idea, let’s pass more worthless legislation that does nothing more but to pad the pockets of those in charge and make life that much more miserable for the rest of us. Nice work team!

If you want to make a difference in the war on drugs, this petty local state level petitions are going to do NOTHING. You have to hit it at the Federal level. I thought you guys knew that already, but from the petition drive’s we’ve seen, clearly you have not. Let’s focus and expend time and resources on something that will actually make a difference, not just paint more targets on good hard working people.

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