HBP 123: Munchy Time


“How’d you get it to your house?”

Welcome to another episode of the Hot Box cannabis talk show. On tonight’s episode we start things off talking about some local sentences getting handed down in these medical marijuana cases. This goes to show that if you are going to try and be legit, you can’t sell marijuana to other states. What do you consider drug trafficking? Ian talks about why he’s on crutches. Then we discuss Ibogaine, pirates and drug abuse, the Feds going after Harborside, marijuana hitting the ballot in Oregon, and so much more. Thanks for listening, and stay safe out there.

Starting things off with some local news. This is why you should never traffic drugs over state lines.

Ian’s knees are all fucked up. I’ll let him tell you about it.

Ibogaine sounds like a miracle treatment / cure for those addicted to opiates, meth, alcohol, and other drugs. If this sounds like something that interests you, read more about Ibogaine in the wiki.

The Feds are cracking down on Harborside Health Center in Oakland California. Now are you ready for some Weed Wars?

The more illegal you make pot and the more people you bust, the more people will start growing like this. This is causing some endangered species to become even more endangered. It’s just another casualty in the failed War on Drugs.

Do you sometimes feel like your intelligence is a disability? Just too smart for our own good.

So does medical marijuana increase teen pot use? Here’s another useless study.

Oregon gets marijuana on the ballot. If you live in Oregon, you should definitely vote for this in November.

What do you know about synthetic drugs? Obama has signed the Synthetic Drug Ban Bill. This one was submitted to the Hot Box subreddit. You too can help write the show by submitting stories to our subreddit.

You can still get your prescriptions covered, but not your medical marijuana. So is it medicine or not? Maybe you shouldn’t be able to claim your grow equipment. It’s munchy time!

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