HBP 122: Socratic Conversation


“There is no such thing as truth, there’s only what we know to be true right now.”

Hello and welcome to another extreme episode of our weekly marijuana podcast, the Hot Box. Extreme Mat Lee here joined by Extreme Baker, and on this extremely extreme episode of the Hot Box we discuss corporations steering election outcomes, Ian’s lack of satisfaction in life, our failing education system, the ignorant public, some religious nonsense, and of course more bath salt marijuana zombie apocalypse chatter. All this and so much more on episode 122 of the Hot Box. Thanks for listening and tap the read more to, well… Read more!

If you were wondering, marijuana DID NOT cause the Miami face eating zombie attack. What kind of zombie is your favorite? Drop us a comment below. Oh, and just to be clear, it definitely wasn’t the pot.

What’s the most popular drug in the world now? Well, besides caffeine and according to Time, it’s marijuana! Hasn’t marijuana always been the most popular? Let’s talk about Breaking Bad, and the meth problem.

Beware of marijuana imitations. Don’t be fooled by the fake shit. If you want to smoke cannabis, then be an adult and smoke! The fake stuff is going to do way more damage to your health than real cannabis.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.

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