HBP 192: Samantha Myers and High Intentions


High Intentions

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Today I’m chatting with Samantha Myers from High-Intentions.com about what motivates her passion for the plant. I was chatting with Samantha before the show and we thought it would be cool to do some collaborative content together. Keep an eye out here, on Stuff Stoners Like, and of course, High-Intentions.com for updates and info. Thanks for listening!

Samantha Myers

As far as weed smoking goes, Samantha is fairly new to the scene. She is also extremely passionate about what she’s doing, which is educating and helping to spread the good word of cannabis. She’s not bad at modeling either.

Make sure to check out High-Intentions.com and submit your story or venue for the Cannabus to roll through.

Samantha Myers High Intentions

You can help the cause by visiting her connectpal page here. Also make sure to follow @Sammy_ann on Instagram for lots of weed related eye candy and updates.

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