Hot Box Podcast 238: Just Keep Dabbing


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Thanks for checking out the top dab podcast for the best dab discord on the best dab subreddit, r/dabs! We’re all over the place today and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Come hang out throughout the week in the r/dabs discord server and say hi! Hit the link below for the show notes!

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From r/dabs

u/freeODB is trying to find a small spinner cap to fit his Mj Arsenal Banger.

u/acrossem posted some of their newest artwork for us all to enjoy.

u/nefariousnessFull577 wants to know what everyone’s hash prices are looking like these days? Here are the prices for 710 labs in Ca.

u/BlandonC13 said Do Not Purchase from Puffco in this post. We are curious if any of y’all have had any experiences with this good or bad?

u/renedrodriguez posted some dropdowns for the dropdowns.

u/inb4zombies says this is what they see when folks say, “I only dab solventless hash rosin.”

u/colemanche99 sometimes makes cool things, this Timascus Katana dab tool and display stand is pretty sweet.

u/Tomaldsherpa did his favorite banger etching so far. These are pretty sweet!

u/ShaggySmilesSRL asks, what the hell is an IPR is?

In the News

10,000 marijuana cases in New Orleans could be dismissed, pardoned under proposed council plan.

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Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.