HBP 237: Higher Concentrations


r/dabs subreddit

Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Join us as we chat about some r/Dabs subreddit posts, then get into some cannabis news. Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for listening.

The Codex of Quests is a kickstarter the Stake and his friend has been putting a lot of work into. They are writing a source book for Dungeons and Dragons the tabletop role playing game. If you are interested check it out, if not, Dab on baby! Thank you either way.

Check out this DFV animation if you are a GME ape.

From r/Dabs

u/ibettershutupagain wants to know if they can dab this? Is this reclaim?

u/vinnythraxx posted about getting a new rig direct from the artist. We should all support our artist friends.

u/condemn710 posted a nice variety dab. Going in on a sizable cold start. 4 strains. Kimbo kush, the white, Chem dog, and agent orange.

u/Voidbloodshot has a buddy who just failed his piss test. This one’s for him.

u/wackywild69 posted dabs with molly and meth. Do y’all ever get molly meth dabs?

u/TerpDurper posted they got some new swampglass UV reactive pearls to add a little something to the setup.

In the News

Americans From Both Parties Want Weed To Be Legal. Why Doesn’t The Federal Government Agree?

What to know about marijuana legalization in Virginia.

Montana Senate passes bill legalizing recreational marijuana.

Effort to legalize recreational marijuana knocked down by Florida Supreme Court.

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