HBP 239: Monkey Whisperer


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Welcome back to a new episode of the Hot Box podcast! Join us as we chat about some server related stuff, then some content from r/Dabs, then we get into a little marijuana news right before the internet decides to take a little steamer on our podcast party. That’s alright though, we will persevere. Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for listening!

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From r/Dabs

u/Tommae0 posted this nifty little fridge for keeping your terps cool.

u/renedrodriguez posted the medicine cabinet!

u/revengepornmethhubby posted this cool mom pickup. Moms are so much cooler these days than they were when I was a kid. Although my mom is pretty cool! Hi mom!

u/UpperDirty posted about not smoking in a couple weeks, then hitting some Papaya Cake.

u/poo-choo-express posted a question about 350 per oz sugar wax?

In this week’s Florida Man, what do you know about the Monkey Whisperer?

In the News

What does federal marijuana legislation look like in 2021 and how will it push the industry toward new innovation?

The amount of THC in a person’s system after consuming marijuana is not an accurate predictor of impairment, a federally funded study has determined.

Then we had some internet issues. Good times!

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