Hot Box Podcast 235: Shrimp Cheetos


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Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. Mat, Grand, and the gang chatting about some r/Dabs posts, then getting into some weed news stories including losing your job in Florida for smoking weed, Wyoming hates weed, Detroit restaurant owner hates weed, some search and seizures stories, and so much more! Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for listening!

From r/Dabs

u/joetodd9900 posted some nice looking rosin budder coins.

u/Pandaman0041 posted about their 30 dollar banger a year later.

u/theyboosting posted a blender shot.

u/Dabbin_Spartan posted this sweet little blazer wrap.

Weed News

West Palm employee learns the hard way: You can still get fired for smoking pot even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Wyoming lawmakers dodge marijuana legalization discussion.

Detroit restaurant owner: ‘If you smell like marijuana don’t even think of stepping inside.’

Two people were arrested during a marijuana raid in Cottonwood on Thursday.

Grant County traffic stop turns up 15 lbs of marijuana.

Investigators find drugs after intercepting suspicious parcel in Bedford.

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Author: Mat Lee

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