HBP 236: Dabs or Cheez Its


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Thanks for checking out another episode of the Hot Box podcast. We stream the podcast live from the r/Dabs Discord every other Saturday at 1pm pacific time. Join us as we chat about some recent r/dabs subreddit posts, then get into a little cannabis news like Michigan’s cannabis chemistry scholarship, Virginia legalizing to be a catalyst for the feds, and 30 cannabis oil dispensaries are opening in Georgia sometime soon. Thanks for listening, and be sure to hit the link below for the show notes.

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From r/Dabs

u/TheRogueWaxWorks has a quick question. Are any of you savages taking dry dabs?

u/Kissedmysister accidentally dabbed a chocolate chip. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever taken a dab of?

From r/dabrigs, u/NateoriousEbil asks how much water should they be using?

u/Aggravating_sugar622 dabbers made with recycled skateboards.

u/AtheistJezuz says I do drugs with an animals penis. TIL racoons have penis bones…

u/vicgsports says to be careful out there y’all This is why he is afraid of CRC.

u/unknownstranger2 posted this video. So what happens when you get too high?

u/Lost-Train1749 has some thoughts about CRC.

u/doodlesinthedark just finished a new ceramic dab station.

In the News

Michigan university first in nation to offer cannabis chemistry scholarship.

Why Virginia legalizing marijuana could be a catalyst for federal legalization.

30 medical marijuana oil dispensaries could open in Georgia.

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Author: Mat Lee

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