Hot Box Podcast 221: The Hot .1s


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Welcome back to another episode of the Hot Box podcast. The three dabmigos Mat, Grand, and Vintr back with you here for episode 221. We stream these podcasts live from the r/Dabs Discord every Saturday at 1pm Pacific time. Come join us!

On today’s show we do things a little different. If you’re familiar with the Hot Ones, we’re putting a dab twist on it. Throughout the show Grand is raising his enail up by 50 degrees each dab. Things get hot and hurty while we discuss some posts from r/Dabs, and some weed news. Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for listening!

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From r/Dabs

dab jar graveyard

u/FreddysTeeth posted a graveyard photo. Do y’all keep your empty containers? If so I’m curious why?

u/Mhickey94Burnout aka dabba the hut posted this vid ripping out his rigs.

dab stains

u/Flanj posted a question about getting dab stains out of clothes. Any of y’all get stains?

peak with a view

u/death-wish666 posted a nice dab with a view. Also loving their peak it looks like.

baller jars

u/krobu posted this nice looking baller jar.

In the News

This is older news, but I thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention again. BigBudMicro from the rosin discord shared this with me. We all like buying weed stuff from amazon, but did you know they blacklist their employees for weed related offenses? A New Jersey man’s career with Amazon came to a sudden — and unfair — end once the online retail giant learned he used medical marijuana, a new lawsuit alleges.

What employers — and employees — need to know about legal marijuana in Arizona with Proposition 207.

Law enforcement officers ask courts to stop legal marijuana in South Dakota.

College-age kids are drinking less alcohol — but smoking more marijuana.

Recognizing signs of medical marijuana abuse. Are you addicted to weed man?

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