HBP 203: Nature’s Pocket


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Grand and Mat back for another episode of the Hot Box. This one is number 203. We also have Wolverine Dabs on to show us the Indux Labs Reflux Vaporizer. You’ll definitely want to catch the video of this one. Thanks for joining us! Hit the link below for the show notes.

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We’re giving away a ZB V2 clear cap, a Dandi Glass Green with Lucy accents spinnercap with Lucy terp pearls, and a CFL Memberberry by Spacewalk Glass. We’re also tossing in a Change Glassworks Channel cap container and terp ball tweezers.

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Grand brought the heat this week.

reflux vaporizer

My friend Wolverine Dabs came by with his new Indux Labs Reflux Vaporizer. This thing is pretty fucking cool.

You know how I feel about inserts.

What do you know about the entourage effect?

reflux vaporizers

How do you know you’ve been smoking too much weed? There’s some interesting science here.

dab models

Super cool shot of some dabs by u/dtamike.

Does this look like vanilla ice cream? It’s probably dabs, but don’t get ripped off by online people. Stay safe out there.

vanila ice cream

A resolution being drafted by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak would pardon tens of thousands of people who have been convicted for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Kalamazoo Michigan is now selling weed recreational. Or at least allowing it.

Police seized more than $50,000 in marijuana and related products Thursday as a result of a traffic stop on U.S. 11 in Berkeley County.

Gotta be careful transporting so much weed on a fishing boat.

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