HBP 186: David Hansen and Dabberry Pi



Welcome back to another fantastic episode of the Hot Box cannabis talk show. The choice of generations for listening to great marijuana interviews and other fun stuff. I’m Mat Lee, and today I have a great interview with David Hansen aka David OnOne. I first met David at the Olympia Hempfest at the Dab.land booth. He was showing off some cool e-nails, and something he has coined the Dabberry Pi. It’s basically an e-nail that is powered by a Raspberry Pi. It’s pretty much some of the coolest dab e-nail technology I’ve seen in a long time. Excited yet? Well you should be, because he announces some seriously exclusive shit in this episode.

You may be familiar with David’s work on the Dabstar’s podcast. He’s also a rapper. He’ll tell you that he used to be a rapper, but we all know once a rapper, always a rapper.

You can find the current offering of Dab.Land enails over on their site.


The Dabberry Pi site is still under construction, but keep checking back!

You can follow David on Instagram @OnoneDabs.

Keep up with what I’m doing on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook¬†pages. Thanks for listening and be careful¬†out there. We’ll see you at the Seattle Hempfest!

Author: Mat Lee

Dab lab rat and rap writer. Creating dope shit since the chromosome split.

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