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Thanks for checking out episode 169 of the Hot Box. On tonight’s episode I’m joined by Professor Progressor, Gooey Rabinski, and special guest, the Pot Scientist from Ask the Pot Scientist! If you aren’t familiar with the Pot Scientist, definitely make sure to check out his site Ask the Pot Scientist, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Join us as we talk about the Ohio oligopoly rejection, cannabis science, indica vs sativa and the myth that surrounds them, terpenes and live resin, why edibles are more potent, and so much more! If you subscribe to the show in iTunes, make sure you write a review. We can also be found on Stitcher and YouTube.

The system is a very dark thing to deal with. I read a meme once that said, “The only good system is a sound system.” Think about it.

It’s going to look amazing when the continents to the north and the south of us re-legalize cannabis and we’re stuck here with our police state prohibition.

Ohio rejects the oligopoly that would have came with cannabis. In the long term I think it’s for the best, but short term it definitely sucks for all the patients there going without.

Cannabis scientists start out in all sorts of interesting industries. The Pot Scientist is no different.

Intentionality to the experience will manipulate the experience accordingly. That’s why there’s probably not any real difference between sativa and indica strains as far as the high, other than what your preconceptions are going into the smoking session.

Let’s talk about terpenes and live resin.

We learned why edibles are more potent. It’s all about the 11-hydroxy-THC.

Do we de-schedule, or reschedule? I think cannabis shouldn’t be scheduled at all.

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