HBP 168: Craft Vapery


Back from a little break with a fresh new episode of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. I’m Mat Lee if you didn’t know, and on tonight’s episode I’m joined by Josh Krane, co founder and chief operating officer of Craft Vapery. If you remember, a while back I got a Craft Vapery box in the mail to review. It’s not weed related, not yet at least. If you dig vaping and ecigs, definitely check them out. There’s more links in the show notes. Thanks for checking out the show and we’ll talk to you next time.

If you want awesome vape stuff delivered to your door, check out Craft Vapery online. They have some awesome new flavors you’ll definitely want to try.

I wrote a review of Craft Vapery for a tech site called aNewDomain over here.

Be sure to follow Craft Vapery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also have a great Facebook group here.

Just like with most things in life, if you don’t use your hybrids properly, they can explode.

A four year old in Ohio has epilepsy that cannabis is helping. It’s always great to hear stories of cannabis helping the kids.

Dispensaries in Illinois are finally selling medical cannabis to card holders. Now sit back and enjoy as I try to pronounce a bunch of medical terms.

Oregon is doing great with their recreational cannabis sales so far. Nice job Oregon!

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Author: Mat Lee

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