HBP 166: Craft Mary Jane


Welcome back to another episode of everyone’s favorite weed show, the Hot Box! I’m Mat Lee, and for episode 166 I have two great guests discussing the weed stuff. The lovely Starlight Mundy from Craft Mary Jane and the great Gooey Rabinski who’s writing over on Whaxy. We discuss what Craft Mary Jane does for cannabis businesses, Oregon getting recreational marijuana sales moving forward, Massachusetts says you can’t stop drivers because you think they are riding dirty, some stupid political quotes, concentrates, Snoop’s new weed site, and so much more! Thanks for checking out the show, be sure to tell a friend!


If you have any Cannabis business questions, or have an idea you want to see realized, check out Craft Mary Jane and see what Starlight and her team can do for you.

Gooey Rabinski wrote about how Oregon has just joined the rest of the enlightened states selling legal recreational cannabis. Check out his article over on Whaxy.

A little forward thinking happening in Massachusetts, where the Supreme Judicial Court in a 5 – 2 ruling stated that police cannot stop motorists solely because they suspect the vehicle’s occupants are in possession of weed. Aka riding dirty. Baby steps right?

I don’t usually like to follow politics because it’s a crazy corrupt system of ruling, but I do find it exceptionally amusing when politicians say stupid shit about weed. The first was Carly Fiorina who said that weed is more dangerous than alcohol.

The second happened in Canada with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper saying Marijuana is “infinitely worse” than tobacco and its use should be widely discouraged in Canada. Seriously?

Your politics are fucking offensive.

Snoop Dogg wants to start a new weed website, that he says will be a marijuana lifestyle site that will be the encyclopedia to the cannabis world. Is the world even ready for this?

What weed social networks are you on? Personally I use Cannasos every now and again, and Leafly when I’m reviewing weed. The rest of the time for me at least, it’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with a little Google+ in the mix. Hit me up and say high if you like the show!

It’s all about data, we should all know that by now. Use the data wisely.

Let’s talk about concentrates! I learned recently that if you heat up a QuartzCastle until its red hot, you should wait about 30 to 35 seconds before taking a dab, depending on the material of course. Seriously though, pull out your smartphone and time that shit. You will thank me.

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Author: Mat Lee

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