HBP 165: Cannabinoid Receptors


Thanks for checking out stoner’s favorite marijuana podcast, the Hot Box! For episode 165 I have Gooey Rabinski and Professor Progressor joining me. Before we get into the podcast show notes I’d like to mention a couple of new weed reviews I’ve had published over on Stuff Stoners Like. Both strains are grown by Natural Mystic Farms. The first is Dutch Treat, the second is Dr. Who. Check those out and more cool weed related reviews on my author page on SSL.

On the show we discuss cannabinoid receptors, the endocannabinoid system, decarboxylation, terpenes, tax free weed day in Colorado, Oregon’s recreational weed stuff, hacking yeast to make a little THC, and so much more.

Let’s welcome back the great Gooey Rabinski back to the show. I have a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot more Gooey on the podcast. We also have the always informative Professor Progressor with us. We start things off talking about cannabinoid receptors. If you have any questions for Gooey or the Professor, email info@hotboxpodcast.com and we’ll get them answered!

Did you know that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system? That’s one to grow on. Literally.

There was an interesting article here on MedicalMarijuana.co.uk talking about how the CB2 receptor has a lot to do with helping treat Alzheimers, Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis.

If you haven’t ever seen Rats on Cocaine, do yourself a favor and check that shit out.

Can you even imagine how much further along we would be with cannabis science if the plant wasn’t unjustly a schedule one substance? Holy crap you guys!

So, how many cannabinoid receptors do you think there are? Drop a comment and let’s start a pool.

If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself, and your unsure loved ones a favor, and go buy Understanding Medical Marijuana by Gooey Rabinski. It’s a great read.

So now you can hack yeast to make thc. That’s pretty handy. Check out the article here.

And now, a quick discussion about decarboxylation. Do you even decarb bruh? We also chat a bit about terpene potentiation, and why you recreational shops shouldn’t buy their cannabis based solely on the THC numbers.

Stories like this are silly. Weed in space? Seriously?

Shout out to Colorado, and the awesome day of tax free weed they all got. Hey Washington, when is weed tax free day for us?

In some not very good news for humans under 21 in Washington. If you are caught with cannabis, you could most definitely get a felony. Which is odd, considering an MIP for alcohol is only a misdemeanor.

The good people of Oregon are getting ready for recreational weed day. Here’s what you need to know, according. The cannabis laws are as silly and constrained as they are most likely due to greed and the government not wanting to fully let this industry blossom. How far can you stretch seven grams?

Be sure to check out some of Gooey’s recent articles over on Whaxy. The first one is a great read about how cannabis helps treat Epilepsy. Next take a look at what exactly live resin is. Then, be sure to check out his piece on preaching to the cannabis converted.

If you are in the market for a new weed grinder, I’m currently reviewing the Phoenician Grinder. You definitely need to check this thing out, it’s awesome. I’ll give you a link once the review is finished.

Also be sure to check out my latest weed reviews over on Stuff Stoners Like. You can find all my weed related reviews here on my author page.

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