HBP 160: Cycling for Sensible Drug Policy and Vuber Technologies


The internet is fixed and we have two great interviews for you in this almost two hour long episode of the Hot Box. It’s just our little way of saying thank you. Speaking of saying thank you, keep reading down in the show notes to find out how you can win a free Vuber Atlas from Jim at Vuber Technologies and a Globe attachment courtesy of Andrew at Growers Outlet. Did I mention that it’s free? That’s like pretty much giving you a hundred dollars. I thought I was the one supposed to be making money. I kid. But seriously, you want this vape.

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In today’s episode we talk to the guy that’s riding his bike across Montana to gather signatures for a re-legalization initiative to get on the ballot. Be sure to follow his progress on the Facebook group Cycling for Sensible Drug Policy.

The Hot Box supports what Anthony is trying to accomplish here, and after talking to him on the show, I really feel like he has the potential to make it happen. We just have to get people to unify and rally behind this cause. We’ll be checking in with Anthony as his ride unfolds.

Montana Public Radio has a post about the three possible initiatives that could show up on the ballot in Montana this November.

How do you feel about Steve Zabawa? I feel sorry for Montana if he gets his initiative on the ballot. That “human” is something else. He is completely delusional in his perception of what he thinks is going on in states that have re-legalized recreational cannabis.

As someone who lives in one of those states, not by choice really, but because of an amazing job opportunity. I see this madness he speaks of, and guess what? It’s non existent. He should really go see a doctor and get some more medicine for that brain of his.

There’s another article in the Missoulian talking about the recreational cannabis initiative.

Have you seen the 502 data? For how long this has actually been a thing, look at that chart. Industry that’s allowed far more leniency wishes it had growth like the cannabis industry has growth. Even in the face of mass political corruption and greed, raids by the feds, and negative propaganda since the early 20s. It still gets the job done.

RT also has an article about how much tax money Washington has generated.

Contrary to all the lies, marijuana use among teens is not up. Go figure, the kids are smarter than you think.

Check out my review of this piece of glass that wishes it was a Nectar Collector. If you watch the live show, you can see what a REAL Nectar Collector looks like. I’ll be doing a full video review and write up over on Stuff Stoners Like later this week.

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Let’s also welcome Jim Makoso from Vuber Technologies to the Hot Box. We talk about the vape industry, how technology has changed over the years, as have the extraction techniques. It’s really cool stuff.

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In other cannabis news…

The sheriff of King County was interviewed and asked about his thoughts on being the sheriff who has to deal with all these stoners in Seattle. His response was brilliant, and I wrote about it for SSL.

Those damn racketeering laws will get you every time.

Senators and their banking laws. Here to “save the day” at last. I guess they finally figured out how to turn a fat profit.

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Author: Mat Lee

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