HBP 159: Grasping for Straws


Welcome back to another fresh episode of the Hot Box marijuana podcast. In today’s episode, I have to start out by apologizing for the bandwidth issues. Apparently there was a problem with the line box that was causing my connection to reset. The hangouts audio might be a little better if you want to watch the live show, but I cleaned up the podcast audio as best as I could. All that aside let’s welcome Nathan Betts back to the show to talk about some updates in Clarkston, and some other interesting marijuana news. Be sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes and write us a review. We’re also on Stitcher, and of course, YouTube. You can also catch all the good stuff stoners like I’m writing about on my SSL page.

Let’s start the show out by welcoming Nathan Betts back to the Hot Box. If you remember, we spoke to Nathan in episode 158 about the corrupt city council of Clarkston Washington. Be sure to keep up with the struggle there on the Free the Choice Facebook page.

At the beginning of the audio podcast you can hear the full interview of conducted by News on the Fly Guy Michael Johns. He talks to George Nash about why they are being such haters. The full article is here and the interview video can be found here. The misinformation is strong with this one.

If you want to read the ban that is causing Canna 4 Life all this trouble, you can find it here.

When going to visit national parks, be sure to remember it’s federal property and they will still bust you if you aren’t careful. So be smart and be careful. Here’s the info for Washington specifically.

Was marijuana really a factor in the car crash that killed an Oregon lady over the July 4th holiday? I’m willing to be alcohol was more involved in the crash than cannabis was. I mean the guy fell asleep at the wheel. If marijuana did that to people, no one would be driving.

Anthony Varriano wants to re-legalize cannabis in Montana, and use some of that money to help fund public schools. He’ll be riding his bike around Montana collecting signatures for his initiative Ballot Issue 7. We’re going to have Anthony on the show Monday so if you have any questions for him, email info@hotboxpodcast.com or send us a form at the bottom of the About Us page. If you are on Facebook, be sure to join his group Cycling for Sensible Drug Policy.

Illinois’s medical marijuana places are now hiring!

How much money has legal marijuana generated for the government via taxes? Oh not much, only about $70,000,000.

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