HBP 156: Lifted Industry


Welcome back to a new episode of the Hot Box. We’re kicking back enjoying a day off on Saturday. It’s episode 156, and we have another fantastic weed interview. This time we had a chance to talk with Lifted Industry founder and CEO Derek Silverio about their new Rize Customizable Vaporizer. If you get in while the getting’s good, like from now till Sunday, you can do what we did and get in on the Memorial Rize 3-in-1 XL Sale! It’s all three attachments for e-juice, dry herb, oils, and waxes, and it’s only $79. It’s a cool product from a cool Seattle based startup company. If you like vaping herbs, erls, or waxes, you’ll want to get one of these bad boys. Thanks for checking out the episode, and we’ll talk to you soon!

Check out the Lifted Industry Indiegogo campaign here and help them raise money to make us all cool new customizable vapes.

You’ll definitely wanna check out the hangout from this episode below so you can see the Rize in action.


If you aren’t in the know with what this is, you definitely need to get yourself educated. It’s pretty much one of the best, cleanest ways to get that weed in you. You know it’s #StuffStonersLike because our good friends over at SSL wrote about the Rize.

In some pretty damn historic news, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed an 18 to 12 bipartisan amendment that will allow Veterans Administration (VA) doctors the power to recommend weed to their patients in states where medical marijuana is legal. This is awesome!

As we all know the cannabis industry has an enormous amount of potential. In this article they say 50 billion by 2019. That seems a little greedy, but I suppose anything is possible.


Did you know Lifted Industry is doing a giveaway right now if you get in on the $79 package or higher, you will get entered to win an iPad! How awesome is that?

Be sure to stop by our friends over at Stuff Stoners Like and check out all the great new weed reviews! A couple of note you should check out is the Pre 98 Bubba Kush, and the Dutch Treat.

What’s going to happen to medical marijuana in Massachusetts? Your guess is as good as mine right now.


How are some police precincts spending their money? Well, I’m glad you asked. Some of them are busting silly stakeouts like this one in Buffalo NY. The comments are the best.

Although they are not as good as the comments in this article about Flava Flav getting busted speeding while allegedly drunk. Oh, and as you can see from the headline, he also probably had some weed on him.


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