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The re legalization of cannabis for medical, and more recently recreational use has opened the door to a lot of cool new companies. On the Hot Box podcast, I’ve interviewed quite a few, most recently Derek Silverio from Lifted Industry, Alison Parker from Dude Where’s my Ferret, and Marshall Hayner from Trees.Delivery. On Friday I had a chance to chat with Kenya Brantley from Herb Boxx.

Kenya has been kind enough to offer to sponsor the show. You’ve probably noticed that all of the shows I host are ad free. I like to keep them that way for one main reason. I don’t like ads. What I do like is watching all of these new businesses emerge with the birth of the cannabis industry. This happens to be something I’m passionate about. So passionate in fact I moved to Washington to pursue a career in it. You can read about that here on Stuff Stoners Like article about weed refugees. So with that rationale moving forward, sure, if you make something cool, send it to me, and if I think it’s awesome and use it, I’ll be happy to talk about it on the show.


If you have something cool, like Kenya does here with Herb Boxx, get a hold of me, and if it’s something I would use, sure we’ll review it and mention it on the show. If you want to give me some money to help out with the costs of the show, which all come out of my own pocket, then even better! What I will never ever ever do is take money for something that sucks, and tell you all it’s awesome. I will always be completely honest, no matter what. That’s just how I roll. Those who listen to all the shows I host, already know about my undying love for this transparency stuff.

Herb Boxx is an elegant, incognito stash box for your medical or recreational weed. There’s two sizes to choose from and quite a few different colors. Mr. Brantley was kind enough to send me a couple to check out, and I’m going to give one of them away to one of you lucky stoners!

Each box comes with dividers you can use or not, depending on how big your stash is. They also come with a dope little airtight glass jar. You know, to put your dope in. Weed? Reefer? Cannabis? Whatever it is we’re calling it this week.

These boxes are made in the USA and are helping to bring a little class and elegance to the world of stash boxes. I mean people that smoke cigars have elegant looking humidors to put them in. Weed is way better than cigars, so why shouldn’t we too feel elegant in our choice of smoke? Now we can!

In order to win Herb Boxx sent directly to your door for free, leave a comment below or email info@hotboxpodcast.com or send us a form on the About Us page with what you would put in Herb Boxx.

The contest cut off date for submissions is Monday, June 29th. We’ll announce the winner on our Twitter account, Facebook page, and on the episode that Wednesday, July 1st 2015. You should also follow me on Instagram, and SSL if you aren’t already. It won’t help your chances of winning, but it will let you check out awesome pictures of stuff stoners like. We’re getting a lot of cool stuff to review and show you how to properly use, so stay tuned.

For now, be sure to drop me a comment and check out very first and newest sponsor, Herb Boxx. Not only is it cool looking, but Herb Boxx will give you at least +5 elegance and +5 class each and every time you go to smoke some weed. How many boxes can do that? That’s right, only two that I know of, and this isn’t a porn site. These cool stash boxes are definitely Stuff Stoners Like to the fullest.


Before we wrap this up, be sure to check out the latest weed reviews on SSL. I’ve puffed on the LavenderOG KushAce of Spades, Jack Herer, Grape Ape, and Cannalope Kush.

Texas joins the ranks of medical marijuana states… Sort of.

Canada doing it right once again. Let the oil flow!

The ruling in Colorado did not go well. Of course it’s the same old argument. Federally it’s illegal. Well, then why the hell do we even bother with state law if the people get screwed anyway? Like we’ve all been saying, before anything can move forward we need to get this plant federally unscheduled. The feds need to forget it even exists, and let the states deal with it.

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Author: Mat Lee

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