HBP 155: Dude Where’s My Ferret?


Thanks for checking out episode 155 of the Hot Box. In this marijuana motion picture masterpiece, Mat talks to Alison Parker from Dude, Where’s My Ferret?. They have an Indigogo trying to raise money to make this cool stoner movie. We should all go kick in some funds so they can make this thing. Find out more information here on DudeWheresMyFerret.com. Keep on reading for some show notes and more links!

This ferret is super friendly, so we’re going to go ahead and just toss him down the front of your pants. Canadians are always so polite.

If you want to pitch in and get this movie made with me, and the rest of the people who have pitched in, click here now!


So, what are the perks, and what kind of weed are you smoking?

Are you even ready for this? Super secret stuff happening right here. Who’s a fan of new strains?

Hot Box drinking game, smoke a bong rip every time Alison says “Aboot.”


I’ve got quite a few things over on Stuff Stoners Like. Check out this article about tolerance and switching up your smoke profiles. It started from a small question someone posted on Instagram.

Here’s the rest of the weed reviews that have gone up. Make sure to catch the Berry White and the Blueberry reviews. They were good ones.

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Author: Mat Lee

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